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    Archives for November 2016

    How to Iron sheets


    How to Iron Different Types of Bed Sheets Ironing one’s bed sheets might seem like an activity for people who have a lot of extra time, but there are both aesthetic and health benefits to this practice. Taking down the cover on freshly ironed sheets before going to bed can be a pleasurable experience, but…

    How to make a Perfect Bed


    Get Perfect Hospital Corners and No Wrinkles Making a bed with perfect hospital corners is easier than you think. Many people seek to make their beds perfect without any wrinkles and with perfectly folded corners like the hospitals do. Not only is this task neat and orderly, but it is also a reflection on one’s…

    Feng Shui in the Bedroom


    You can use feng shui to promote the flow of good energy in your bedroom to attract good health, financial growth, spiritual serenity, better sex, and many other blessings. You can expel bad luck, and welcome good luck as well. When we take steps to balance ourselves, to reconnect with our environments, we benefit immeasurably….

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