Archives for January 2017

All natural face masks

You can make face masks with ingredients in your pantry rather than spending money on chemical-laden products that may, or may not, work for your unique skin. With homemade recipes you can adjust levels of ingredients, or swap them out entirely until it’s perfect. Also, when a recipe fails, you can eat it. When you…

Relaxing natural tea recipes

There are an infinite number of natural flowers, roots, and plants that can be used in herbal teas.These teas can be used for everything from headache relief to treating insomnia, and even to act as complementary treatments for people undergoing conventional cancer treatments. The following is a partial list of herbal tea remedies used to…

Benefits of bamboo sheets

  Bamboo Sheets and All Their Wonders There is no denying the importance of selecting just the right type of bedding for the home. The benefits of bamboo sheets are wide-ranging and markedly distinguish their superiority over even the highest quality linen. Below are some of the select reasons to consider their use. The Sheets…

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