5 Factors to Keep in Mind when Buying Sheets


5 Factors to Keep in Mind when Buying Sheets

Going the extra mile to make the house a comfortable and beautiful living space may seem like a traditionally feminine task. But when it comes to how well we sleep at night, no one should skimp on quality. Some people can sleep anywhere and through anything, but for most of us, a lot of things come into play that affects our quality of sleep: the temperature, the firmness of the mattress, the quiet or noise in the room, the feel of the sheets.

With that in mind, here’s what to look for when buying comfortable sheets.

The Season

The first thing to consider when buying sheets has nothing to do with the sheets at all. Depending on how hot or cold it is, or how hot or cold you like to keep your house, some sheets are more suitable than others. For instance, during the summer, the best sheets to use are cotton, bamboo sheets, and linen. While during the winter, the best sheets to use are flannel sheets, wool, and fleece.fallseason

The Location

Where sheets are made can greatly impact the quality you get. As in all things, some countries have the collective skills and other resources that make them better at some things than others. When it comes to sheets, a lower thread count from France and Italy beats even a 1000 thread count from Pakistan. Many experts consider France and Italy as the gold standard of making sheets, even when they use imported fibers.

Thread Count

The thread count is a good indicator of the quality of sheets, but as previously mentioned, by itself it means little. So, while customers should consider the thread count, especially when it affects the price, this should not be the sole determining factor of what you buy.

Keep in mind also that higher thread counts are less breathable, which make them better for people who like staying warmer since they do not pull body heat away. Lower thread counts are great for warmer temperatures. Between 200 and 400 thread count is usually good enough for any season.


The Color

Men especially tend to pay little attention to the color, but this also affects how well we sleep. Though we do not see the colors once we close our eyes, the colors do set a tone in the bedroom, even before we fall asleep. Countless studies show that blue décor – including the sheets – usually inspires the best sleep. Other comforting options include green, silver and warm yellows.

When it comes to color, buyers should also consider their lifestyle. White sheets look great, but dirty easily. Likewise, even black sheets show some stains much brighter than other colors. It’s also a great idea to buy a color that matches the current décor in your room unless you plan to change it.


The Material

Not all materials are created equal, and based on a buyer’s preferences, some materials offer greater comfort than others. Egyptian cotton feels good. Silk looks good. Pima cotton is durable. Bamboo sheets are usually 100 percent natural, grown organically, and a renewable resource. Choose the material that feels the most comfortable – maybe in more ways than just to the touch – while looking its best, based on your personal taste.

There are many things to consider when buying sheets. After all, experts recommend we spend at least eight hours wrapped up in them every night. So, it’s important to consider the season, location the sheets were made, thread count, color, and the material to ensure you make the best decision.

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