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    Amazing Value Bed in a Bag Sets

    Bed in a Bag Sets – Less Than The Sum Of Its Parts

    The bed in a bag set is obviously less than the sum of its parts, so why not save some money and time with a package deal? Typically, every bedding component is included in a bed in a bag set. A standard set consists of sheets, 4 pillowcases and a duvet cover and some of the more deluxe packages even offer matching pillow shams and bed skirts. These bedding sets almost always come in all sizes to fit all beds (twin, double, queen, king and cal king). It just makes sense to purchase bedding like this, whether you are on a budget or not. Bed in a bag is also now available with bamboo sheets, and is a great option for those searching for a natural, eco-friendly and durable bed in a bag option.


    Benefits of Natural Bed in a Bag Set – Bamboo Bedding

    Bamboo bedding, bed in a bag set offers an eco-friendly and all-natural package deal for bedding. If you are not familiar with bamboo bedding, there are several benefits that we need to highlight:

    • Bamboo Bedding is amazingly durable and soft.
    • Bamboo sheets stabilize body temperatures. Cool in the summer, warm in the winter.
    • No chemicals are used to grow bamboo, which makes it ecofriendly.
    • Bamboo sheets are 3 times more breathable than cotton sheets.
    • Bamboo bedding repels dust mites and allergens and are hypo-allergenic.
    • Once only for the elite is now affordable to everyone.

    Bed in a bag is a logical and economical way to purchase bedding for children and adults. Everything you need is in the bag and most online stores even offer free shipping and deliver straight to your door. Bamboo bed in a bag is an excellent way to buy all of your bedding in one shot. It comes with many wonderful benefits and that is why savvy, smart consumers are already taking advantage.

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