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    Why Are Bamboo Products So Popular?

    Why Are Bamboo Products So Popular? There are a number of reasons why bamboo products are so popular. For example, they are eco-friendly, making them a prime choice for the eco-conscious consumer. According to Business Insider, bamboo products might be the future of retail. Bamboo can adapt to various soil conditions, changes in temperature, and different...

    Advantages of Bamboo Bedding

    Advantages of using Bamboo Bed Sheets, Linens & Bedding: 1) Bamboo bed sheets have a soft, silky texture that feels wonderful against the skin. Due to this texture, your bed will be comfortable and soothing. Your sheets will simply slide on your skin. Bamboo bedding will never cause you to feel confined or tightly bound….

    Bamboo Bedding Washing Tips

    Bamboo Bedding Washing Tips - How to wash bamboo sheets the right way? We recommend that bamboo bedding always be washed immediately after purchase. To prevent the sheets from shrinking, they should be washed in cold water and mild detergents. Washing bamboo bedding in cold water definitely increases the lifespan of these natural products. Bamboo...

    FREE Bamboo Sheet Set Giveaway – December 2013

    If a fan shares this image on Facebook or re-tweets it on Twitter, you will automatically be entered into the drawing for a FREE Bamboo Sheet Set!! Have you ever slept on Bamboo Sheets? How about under a Bamboo Duvet? Do you know what you’re missing? Disclaimer: Winner must like BambosSheetsShop Facebook page ( or Follow us on…

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