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    6 tips for a better night’s sleep

    Sleep 1

    We’ve all been there. Tossing and turning, eyes wide open, constantly starting at the clock counting down the hours till your alarm goes off, wishing you could just doze off into a blissful, peaceful sleep. You employ every trick in the books; count sheep, recall your day hour by hour, run through situations in your…

    Graveyard Shift Workers


    Getting a Good Day’s Sleep for Graveyard Shift Workers For those who must or choose to work the night shift, sleep can sometimes be more difficult to get. People are more active during the daytime all around where you desperately seek peace, there’s more light, and most people will have to fight against their natural…

    Best Sleeping Position?


    People sleep in a multitude of different positions throughout the night. Some sleep on their backs all night, while others toss from side to side. Some even sleep on their stomachs. There are even people who sleep in a recliner sitting up. The age old question still remains. Which position is best for the human…

    Using teabags for the eyes


    Using Tea Bags to Treat Eye Conditions Using tea bags to treat conditions like dark circles under the eyes have been practiced for decades, and it actually works. Tea bags are a cost-effective and proven method for reducing dark circles without any side effects. This is how and why tea bags work: The antioxidants in…

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