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    All natural face masks


    You can make face masks with ingredients in your pantry rather than spending money on chemical-laden products that may, or may not, work for your unique skin. With homemade recipes you can adjust levels of ingredients, or swap them out entirely until it’s perfect. Also, when a recipe fails, you can eat it. When you…

    Relaxing natural tea recipes


    There are an infinite number of natural flowers, roots, and plants that can be used in herbal teas.These teas can be used for everything from headache relief to treating insomnia, and even to act as complementary treatments for people undergoing conventional cancer treatments. The following is a partial list of herbal tea remedies used to…

    Benefits of bamboo sheets


      Bamboo Sheets and All Their Wonders There is no denying the importance of selecting just the right type of bedding for the home. The benefits of bamboo sheets are wide-ranging and markedly distinguish their superiority over even the highest quality linen. Below are some of the select reasons to consider their use. The Sheets…

    2016 Paint Color Trends


    2016 Paint Color Trends Once upon a time, painting was a big home improvement job which often required professional attention. These days it’s fairly easy to pick a color, call over some friends, and splash some paint on the walls. Because of this, even renters often paint their walls, and then throw in the curtains,…

    Having trouble sleeping?


    Things to change when having trouble sleeping Reasons the Bedroom Might Keep Someone from Sleeping Properly Proper and adequate sleep is essential to health and well being. Being chronically under-rested makes everything harder, from work and driving to leisure and intimacy with a partner. Sleep is when the human body repairs cellular damage done to…

    How to Iron sheets


    How to Iron Different Types of Bed Sheets Ironing one’s bed sheets might seem like an activity for people who have a lot of extra time, but there are both aesthetic and health benefits to this practice. Taking down the cover on freshly ironed sheets before going to bed can be a pleasurable experience, but…

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