Why Bamboo Sheets?

What is all the hype about Bamboo Sheets?

Read below to learn about our bedding products and all of their unique benefits.

Luxuriously Soft

Bamboo Sheets are exceptionally soft. In fact, our bamboo sheets 320 thread count are known to be softer than 1000 thread count high quality cotton sheets. We offer the highest thread count possible when it comes to bamboo linens. If that’s not enough to satisfy you, know this–they become even softer when you wash them!


Breathe easy with our naturally occurring hypo-allergenic sheets. Also great for those who suffer from skin allergies. Since our bamboo fibers are woven so finely, the hairs become extremely short, which allows for the least amount of resistance against the skin. We also DO NOT treat our linens with harsh chemicals like many of our competitors do, such as formaldehyde (for wrinkle resistance) and flame retardants, both of which have been proven to cause allergic reactions in many individuals.


While our linens are amazingly soft, they also have thermal regulating abilities. That is to say, they keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. In addition, due to the micro-structure of our linens, they are extremely breathable. Good news for hot and cold sleepers alike!


Bamboo kun! Umm…bamboo what? While this may initially sound like some type of martial arts, we assure you, it’s even better than that! Bamboo kun is a antimicrobial agent that allows the plant to thrive in the wilderness without the need for fertilizers or pesticides. Amazingly enough, these attributes carry over into the textile form. This means you’ll get to reap the benefits with our linens, as it allows for odor and mildew resistance. Say goodbye to stinky sheets!


Let’s face it, nobody likes waking up in their own pool of sweat. In fact, it’s downright gross! Good news though! Bamboo wicks away moisture from your skin three times faster than cotton, ensuring that you stay dry and comfortable all night long.


So everything sounds great and all, but what about the effects on the environment? Good question. Bamboo actually happens to be one of the Earth’s most sustainable resources. It releases 35% more oxygen than and takes in five times more greenhouse gases than an equivalent stand of timber trees. During the harvesting period, the bamboo stalks are cut, instead of being pulled at the root, which allows for the bamboo to re-grow and be harvested time and time again. No fertilizers or pesticides are used. All of these reasons why bamboo is often hailed as the, “natural, eco-friendly, textile material of the 21st century.”