Best Choices for Winter Bedding


Best Choices for Winter Bedding

Once winter settles in, the nights get colder and sometimes all you want is to settle into a nice comfy bed and not have to worry about spending the first 10 minutes getting the sheets and covers warm. Quality bedding, though absolutely worth the cost, is not cheap, so decide just how cold the area you live generally gets during the winter. There’s a big difference between Alaska winters and southern California ones. There are some shortcuts that can help with your choices.

For Those in Cold Country

For sheets, invest in a premium set of flannel sheets. Flannel warms up quickly and provides a thicker layer of warmth. If you like an electric blanket that also is a good choice for really cold climates, and you have the option of adjusting the level of heat. Just make sure you turn off the blanket when you rise in the morning.

If you want a splurge for your comforter, choose a natural silk one with a cover for it so you aren’t wearing it out too fast when it needs cleaning. A silk comforter is the height of luxury as far as how it feels; it adjusts to your body temperature quickly, is lightweight, and provides good insulation. The downside is that a quality one can cost a pretty penny.

Another option: if you have friends or family who quilt, ask them if they will do one for you if you pay for the materials and what you can for their labor. Usually, these are more a labor of love than money, but they last a long time, and you can pick how much batting (filling) you want in them and the materials used for a custom quilt for your needs and wants.

For Those in Cool Country

Depending on how cool, you can choose between flannel, cotton, or bamboo sheets in this type of climate. Add a medium-weight blanket and keep a quilt handy for those few nights when the temperature drops lower than normal. If you really want to splurge on the quilt, use two flat bamboo sheets as the top and bottom of the quilt and for batting put in a couple layers of flannel or one of polar fleece. The quilt will have a more blanket-like feel, but won’t weigh a lot while providing just enough warmth to make you feel comfortable and pampered.

For those Where it’s Just a Bit Chilly

In subtropical type climates where temperatures don’t vary a lot throughout the year, quality bamboo or cotton sheets work well all year and use a quilt or blanket. If you have a quilt, try getting one that uses all cotton fabric and batting which will pull heat out in hot months and can be topped with an inexpensive polar fleece blanket in cooler months to hold the heat.

Whatever your situation or choices, get the best you can afford. Sheets and blankets last for several years if they are quality, and they also can be calming as they softly rest against your skin. Sometimes it can be difficult to shut down the brain and get to sleep – it’s easier when you are in maximum comfort.

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