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    What is Eco Friendly Bedding?

    What is Eco Friendly Bedding and Sheets? For the eco-conscious consumer, bamboo products are a top choice. Bamboo is believed to be the fastest growing plant on earth. As forests around the world are growing smaller, mainly because of large-scale deforestation, bamboo is an increasingly popular sustainable resource. It is part of a group of fast-growing evergreen plants that can be used in a number of different ways. Right now, in North America and the United Kingdom a high in demand green product is eco friendly bedding, and specifically eco friendly sheets made from bamboo. They are extremely soft, durable. Bamboo yarn breathes easily and has natural moisture-wicking, absorption, and ventilation abilities. During the year, this eco friendly bedding helps to keep the body cool on a summer night, but can...

    Why Are Bamboo Products So Popular?

    Why Are Bamboo Products So Popular? There are a number of reasons why bamboo products are so popular. For example, they are eco-friendly, making them a prime choice for the eco-conscious consumer. According to Business Insider, bamboo products might be the future of retail. Bamboo can adapt to various soil conditions, changes in temperature, and different climates with ease. In fact, its ability to adapt so well to an array of environments means that it can grow almost anywhere in the world, aside from Antarctica. Bamboo has natural defenses against pests, bacteria, and fungus, unlike other types of wood. This is important because virtually no pesticides are used on bamboo. For consumers who are environmentally conscious, this is a great reason to use bamboo products. especially...

    Bamboo Sheets King Size Shipment Arrived

    Loyal Bamboo Sheets Shop customers, just this morning, a new shipment containing bamboo sheets king size arrived from the factory and they arrived in less than 3 weeks! After an extremely busy late November/ early December 2013, we began running low on some product inventory, most noticeably 320 Thread Count bamboo sheets king size. Prior to the holidays, we decided to contact our factory and order more bamboo sheets king size and others in anticipation of increased sales after the holidays (for all the procrastinating shoppers). Guess what fans? It's already paying dividends! We just received a new bamboo sheets shipment with dozens of boxes of bamboo sheets king size and other bamboo bedding. We will unload immediately! Once the shipment is unloaded and inspected by our team, we will begin shipping out the orders. Priority orders...

    1st Bamboo Summit – April 21-22, 2014

    To all those interested the first Bamboo Global Summit will be held at Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from April 21-22, 2014. This international event will be a great platform for companies, entrepreneurs, and any other people in the bamboo business. During the 2 days, the best ideas in the world will be shared about the use of bamboo. Bamboo experts from all over the world will attend this summit. There will also be a one day excursion that will provide interactive learning, global networking and ideas about bamboo. For more information, you can visit

    Advantages of Bamboo Bedding

    Advantages of using Bamboo Bed Sheets, Linens & Bedding: 1) Bamboo bed sheets have a soft, silky texture that feels wonderful against the skin. Due to this texture, your bed will be comfortable and soothing. Your sheets will simply slide on your skin. Bamboo bedding will never cause you to feel confined or tightly bound. They will help you enjoy a deep, undisturbed sleep. 2) Bamboo linens are helpful in stabilizing the temperature of a human body. Not too hot, not too cool. These linens provide the perfect balance of temperature while you sleep. No more waking from a restful slumber because you’re freezing under your bedding, or worse, because you are covered in a clammy sweat. 3) Bamboo fabrics have less drying time and fabric that dries quickly…

    FREE Bamboo Sheet Set Giveaway – December 2013

    If a fan shares this image on Facebook or re-tweets it on Twitter, you will automatically be entered into the drawing for a FREE Bamboo Sheet Set!! Have you ever slept on Bamboo Sheets? How about under a Bamboo Duvet? Do you know what you’re missing? Disclaimer: Winner must like BambosSheetsShop Facebook page ( or Follow us on Twitter ( Winner must send address and contact information within 48 hours of “Winner” announcement. Drawing will take place Monday December 30, 2013 (10am EST). There must be at least 50 shares in order for a winner to be selected.

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