Bamboo Bedding vs. the Rest of the Organic Bedding Market

Bamboo Bedding vs. the Rest of the Organic Bedding Market

Everyone is trained to think that natural fibers are the best to use in clothing and bedding, but why is organic a better choice than non-organic? Is it a fad or are there real benefits? Let’s take a moment to break down the different organic bedding options

Comparison of Organic Bedding

 Organic Cotton Bedding – Organic cotton bedding is a soft fabric that is breathable. This means it allows your skin to breathe and keeps you cool in the warmer months and warm in the cooler months.  Organic cotton sheets are machine washable and ideal for people who suffer from allergies. Organic cotton is made from untreated seeds and those seeds have not been exposed to insecticides, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers that area used on standard cotton. However, the downside to organic cotton is that it is expensive to grow and produce. Because of the low profit margin, there are fewer growers. This is one reason why organic cotton sheets are so expensive and not realistic choice for bedding.

Organic Hemp Cotton Bedding – Organic hemp cotton bedding is a very durable fabric. Organic hemp cotton sheets are more absorbent than organic cotton sheets because the hemp fibers are longer and stronger than cotton. The hemp plant has deep roots, which leaves the ground in excellent condition for new plants. In addition, the hemp plant doesn’t need a lot of space to grow like the cotton plant. Although the plant is easy to grow, sheets are not as soft as organic cotton or bamboo sheets and are the least popular of all the organic bedding options. Hemp is known more for making ropes. Can you imagine sleeping on a string of rope?

Silk Bedding – Silk has been known as a luxury bedding option for centuries. Originating in China, at one time if someone other than the royal household owned silk, it was punishable by death. In ancient times it was used as a measure of wealth and was used for currency. Produced by special silkworms, the thread is a natural protein fiber so it is also a great choice for anyone with skin or other allergies. Silk is an amazing bedding choice for someone looking for smooth, soft and higher price-tag bedding. A drawback to silk bedding is it delicate and cannot be washed in our standard washing machines. It must be dried naturally. It is extraordinarily expensive and difficult to maintain.

 Bamboo Bedding – Bamboo bedding has been considered one the softest and most durable organic bedding options available today (more so than its rivals cotton and hemp). Bamboo fabric can adjust to body temperature. It had exceptional wicking properties that make it three to four times more absorbent that cotton. Bamboo bedding is washable and is naturally anti-microbial. It is also breathable and is an excellent choice for people suffering from allergies.

There are absolutely no pesticides, insecticides or tainted fertilizers used in growing bamboo and because this sustainable plant is readily available, the price of bamboo sheets is at an all-time low. Many who have not used bamboo bedding believe that it is made from the same plant that feeds the magnificent Giant Pandas. Not so. Bamboo sheets are made from a form of Moso bamboo which is not on the panda diet.

Other Luxury Bamboo Bedding Benefits:

  • Soft and silky feel
  • All-natural
  • Absorbent
  • Resists stains
  • Resists bacteria and germs
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Durable
  • Machine Washable
  • Affordable

Bamboo bedding has all of the characteristics of the perfect luxury and organic bedding but is very reasonably priced. Feature by feature bamboo outshines its competition. Dollar for dollar it is a much better value.

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