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    Tips for Coping with Mental Health Amidst Coronavirus

    Tips for Coping with Mental Health Amidst Coronavirus

    The novel Coronavirus pandemic has intensively worsened across the globe with WHO reporting over 700,000 cases and close to 34,000 deaths in 202 regions, countries or territories. The global pandemic has singlehandedly brought the world to a standstill as a number of nations have imposed lockdowns in an attempt to ‘flatten the curve’. Closer to…

    Coronavirus: Social Distancing

    Coronavirus Social Distancing

    The Coronavirus spread continues to grow exponentially around the globe. With governments across the globe taking preventive measures to curb the spread of the virus, high-risk countries like China, Italy, Denmark, France, Spain and a handful other countries have declared a complete lockdown creating mass quarantines. As the number of cases rises in the United…

    Myth Busters About Coronavirus

    Myth Busters About Coronavirus

    The COVID-19 global pandemic has currently affected over 150 nations and cases continue to grow at a rampant rate. Governments, World Organizations, doctors, scientists, and health experts are scrambling to deal with the threat of the Coronavirus in an attempt to dampen the spread. While the many measures taken have shown significant progress, the outbreak…

    Pressure Points for Better Sleep

    Pressure Point for Better Sleep

    With an increase in the number of people suffering from insomnia and sleep disorders, preference for acupressure remedies are on the rise. Finding its roots in traditional Chinese medicine, acupressure stimulates certain pressure points on the human body as part of physical and mental healing. This is mainly because the human body is capable of…

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