Bedding materials that can improve mood


Bedding materials that can improve mood

How Bedding Can Improve Your Mood

In the grand scheme of things, bedding may not seem like an important issue, but the kind of bedding — texture, pattern, color — can make a big difference to the quality of sleep as well as how restful waking time spent in the bedroom can be.

Do Colors Matter When Choosing Bedding?

Many studies have been done on how colors affect people. The colors on walls and bedding have a great impact on sleep. Blue is the most calming color for the bedroom as well as for sheets. If your preference is using other colors, keep them neutral and less intense, choosing from the pale sections of the color palette. It is better to stay away from red-toned colors since they tend to promote excitement, leading to restlessness and preventing sleep.


How Choosing the Best Bedding for You Can Help Your Mood recommends you take a look around your bedroom and think of ways to improve it. Americans spend a great deal of money each year on improving other areas of the house, but forget about the bedroom or leave it for later, thinking that it’s not on view for others and is thus less important.

Sleep is such an important part of our lives, but we often forget to set the mood for sleep.

When you sleep better, you wake up in a better mood. One of the easiest ways to improve sleep is to improve in the bedding you choose. How often have you said “it’s just sheets?” or, “I will just buy whatever, it doesn’t really matter.” It does matter. How well do you sleep if you are too hot or cold? How well do you sleep if the sheets are scratchy or rough?

According to, the colors and texture of your sheets can impact your mood. It is important to look for bedding that breathes — that means natural fibers such as cotton, bamboo, and silk. Look for those sheets that feel good to you. Some of the higher thread count sheets, Egyptian cotton or bamboo, may be the best choice for you.

Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo sheets are fairly new and offer a new standard in luxury and comfort. Bamboo sheets are not scratchy and do not pill. The thread count for bamboo sheets does not need to be as high as in cotton sheets for them to feel just as luxurious and soft. Bamboo breathes, and in summer it feels cool, while in the winter it’s warm. If your bedding feels good, it helps you sleep better, and when you sleep better, you’re going to be in a better mood.

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