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    Tips: Maintaining a Healthy Sleep Cycle While Working from Home

    Maintaining Healthy Sleep Cycle While Working from Home

    Given the ongoing global pandemic, a majority of workforce across industries are forced to work from home. For this purpose, we previously recommended a few tips to work from home successfully. In light of this, we focus on the effect of sleep quality when forced to stay indoors all day for weeks (perhaps, months). Naturally, any change in lifestyle has the potential of impacting the sleep cycle and quality. Moreover, working from home also increased the burden of managing domestic chores and family time. Such a sudden shift can also affect mental and physical health. So, what can you do to ensure that you get the right amount of sound sleep, while also adjusting with the forced lifestyle? Let’s dig in. Balancing Work from Home…

    Tips: Benefits of Sleeping on Your Left

    Benefits of Sleeping on Your Left

    We all have our preferred sleep positions in bed. This is our go-to position to induce and fall asleep faster. While doctors and medical experts believe sleeping on your back is the ideal position, not many prefer or practice this. Most people prefer to sleep on their sides or in the fetal position. Sleeping on your side ensures a host of positives, especially on your left. Sleeping on your left reduces heartburn, alleviates acid refluxes, improves circulation, betters digestion. This is due to the positioning of the internal organs and gravity. Gravity ensures toxins and food travel easier through the organs when you sleep on your left given the anatomy of our internal organs. In addition, sleeping on your left can help with back pains,…

    Binge Sleeping: Tips, Effects and Consequences

    Binge Sleeping Effects and Consequences

    Over the year, the way we live and sleep has changed drastically. Right from sleeping at sundown many years ago, to the era of sleeping at sunrise as we practice today – we have come a long way in modifying our sleep architecture to adapt to the growing modern lifestyle. Unfortunately, this comes with a host of implications. Most common being, insomnia, increased mental health issues, and other forms of sleep disorders. In search of a solution, the new age adult, predominantly now practices the habit of sleeping for less than six hours every night on weekdays. To compensate the lost hours, we sleep all through the day on weekends. This act is popularly deriving the name “sleep binge”. In light of this, we take…

    Know More About Irregular Sleep-Wake Cycle

    Irregular Sleep Wake Cycle

    Globally, sleep is generally considered and practiced as a nighttime activity. We fall asleep at night after a long day to ensure our body rests and recovers. However, there are people who suffer from the rare case of irregular sleep-wake cycles. This condition is an uncommon form of circadian rhythm sleep disorder. People suffering from this condition tend to sleep in several smaller intervals during a 24hour period. For instance, one may sleep between one and four hours in many sessions over the course of a day. This unstructured, irregular, and disrupted sleep pattern characterizes the condition. People with the condition might have poor quality sleep, insomnia, drowsiness, fatigue, mental, physical, and social issues given that they have no sleep pattern. While some might get…

    Bedtime Workout: Can it Enhance Sleep Quality?

    Bedtime Workout

    Exercising is a great way to stay healthy and in shape. It not only promotes a better physical lifestyle but also keeps mental health in check. Subject to one’s active and busy lifestyles, people work out at different times the day. However, there’s an idea that working out closer to bedtime results in an energy boost in the body making it difficult to fall asleep. This would then either lead to restlessness or interrupted sleep. As a result, most people prefer to work out during the day well before their bedtime. However, a 2019 report published in the journal Sports Medicine tells us otherwise. The report mentions that easy, low impact exercises that don’t raise adrenaline levels before bedtime are beneficial for healthy sleep. Experts…

    Tips for Getting Rid of Sleep Bags Under the Eyes

    Tips for Getting Rid of Sleep Bags Under the Eyes

    Sleep bags under the eyes can be quite a concern for people. These are usually formed with age when weakened and sagging under the eyes relaxes. Over time with our lifestyle choices or genes, sleep bags can get even puffier and prominent. Generally harmless, these bags are a cosmetic concern. They are most noticeable in the morning as fluids settle in through the night, hence deriving the name – sleep bags. However, sleep bags could also be a sign of underlying medical conditions. We recommend you consult your doctor if swelling or pain exists. While there are permanent solutions like cosmetic surgeries to remove sleep bags, here are a few home remedies and lifestyle suggestions to reduce them. Hydrate yourself Adequate water is a good…

    Coronavirus: Situation Update

    Coronavirus Situation Update

    *In an attempt to inform our patrons and readers, a few of our pieces will solely focus on the ‘Coronavirus pandemic’. Stay home and stay safe – Bamboo Sheets Shop. Over the last few weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought everyday life to a complete halt. While countries and economies try to recover from with different strategies, the worldwide cases and the death toll has been overwhelming. Closer to home, the virus continues to have a deadly impact every day. The US leads the world with over 900,000 cases and over 53,000 deaths at the time of writing, making it the worst affected nation. However, doctors and frontline workers are working tirelessly to contain the spread of the virus as the States plan to reopen…

    Can Better Sleep Boost Your Immune System?

    Can Better Sleep Boost Your Immune System

    In the wake of the pandemic, coronavirus, taking over the world, we take a look at how sleep affects the immune system. It is not enough to merely stay clean or social distance yourself, rather is it very important to also get adequate hours of sleep every night to stay healthy. For, studies show that lack of sleep or chronic sleep deprivation can weaken your immune system and make you fall sick easily. Sleep Boosts T Cells The immune cells known as the T cells essentially fight against viruses that causes flu or fever. According to one such study, the effectiveness of T cells between people who sleep well and people who stay awake was observed. The study concluded that the T cells are more…

    Why Do We Yawn?

    Why Do We Yawn

    Yawning, not just humans, but a lot of animals as well do it. In essence, we yawn to take in a big breath of air into our lungs. Most often, we yawn when we are tired or sleepy by the end of the day, or as soon as we wake up in the morning. For years now, yawning has been associated with drowsiness and the body’s signal to fall asleep. However, there is a lot more to yawning than merely being an indicator of sleep. In this article, we focus on why we yawn and the extent of its association to sleep. What Happens When We Yawn? Remember that yawning has far more reasons than just sleepiness. Some reasons behind yawning are: Yawning helps regulate…

    Pregnancy Sleep Tips: How to Keep Insomnia and Sleep Disorders at Bay

    Pregnancy Sleep Tips

    Going through pregnancy requires lots of planning and support to maintain overall health and wellbeing. As the months for delivery near, the expecting mother is seldom in a state of comfort. In addition to nausea, body pain, back pain, fetal movement, and general discomfort, pregnant women are prone to developing insomnia or other sleep disorders. Through this article, we will learn some common sleep disorders reported by pregnant women and tips to overcome its related consequences. Common Sleep Problems Amongst Pregnant Women Insomnia Insomnia refers to difficulty in falling asleep, staying asleep or waking up really early and unable to fall back asleep. Expecting mothers have reported suffering from either of these three difficulties, especially towards the end of the term. Despite being tired all…

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