Bamboo Sheets Vs Silk Sheets: Why Bamboo Wins?

Bamboo Sheets Vs Silk Sheets

Bamboo Sheets Vs Silk Sheets: Why Bamboo Wins?

Are you looking to buy new sheets? Look no further, for we give you the benefits of bamboo sheets and why it is a much better option than silk.

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Unlike conventional run in the mill sheets, bamboo and silk sheets are considered as luxury bedding as they evidently elevate the sleeping experience. However, it is also a well-known fact that bamboo sheets have multiple qualities that is not only beneficial for our health and boosting sleep quality but also is a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative that does not harm the environment. Given this, let us understand the difference between both.


Bamboo fibers have micro-gaps and micro-fibers that allows the heat and sweat to pass through, thereby ensuring you remain cool even the hottest of the weather. These properties also work across all weathers, keeping you warm during winters. This makes bamboo sheets more breathable than silk.

Silk sheets, on the other hand, do not allow sweat to pass through and retains the heat. Unless you have that air condition running all night, be assured you will continue to sweat your way through the night in silk sheets.

Maintenance and Durability

Bamboo sheets don’t require extra care. Bamboo fibers are such that even regular washing will not affect the quality of the sheet, ensuring their longevity without having to buy new sheets often. Above all, bamboo sheets get softer with every wash!

Silk sheets, on the other hand, may have a long life, but only when given the right kind of care and maintenance. Don’t think about silk sheets unless you are ready to put extra work to keep your sheets in top shape. Even a small error in maintenance and care means replacing them often.


Both these fibers have anti-allergy properties to keep your sniffles and cold at bay.

In addition, bamboo sheets also have anti-bacteria properties and highly resistant to fungus and it does not retain moisture or the bad old sheets smell.


Bamboo, hands down, wins this round. This is mainly because good quality silk sheets are usually $500-800 upwards. Whereas, bamboo sheets, that require lesser care and have more benefits, cost half the price for better value.

Sustainable and Eco-friendly

Bamboo sheets have steadily gained preference given how sustainable and eco-friendly it is to produce bamboo fibers. They consume much lesser water, grow much faster, and does not require the use of pesticides. This prevents soil erosion, thereby allowing soil life to thrive.

On the flip side, it can be argued that silk may be sustainable, it is not eco-friendly. Silk is produced by thread produced from silkworms that are then killed once the process is over. This makes it non-vegan and not entirely eco-friendly.

In conclusion, we recommend the upgrade to bamboo sheets as they are more economical compared to silk sheets, have better benefits, and don’t require extra maintenance.

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