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    Tips: Switching from Night Owl to Early Risers

    Switching from Night Owl to Early Risers

    As health consciousness amongst Millennials is on the rise, a lot more youngsters prefer being an early riser to a night owl. Those who habitually stay up late are also striving to become early birds by adjusting their schedules or even their lifestyle. Sleeping late every day attracts a host of health problems as it is not always possible to attain eight hours of sleep every night. Moreover, waking up early in the day gives you a few hours ahead of the rest of the world, making it possible to attain maximum productivity. Studies suggest that merely making small changes to sleep schedule can make it easily possible to become early birds. In light of this, the following tips will help you make the switch…

    Coping with Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Coping with Coronavirus COVID 19

    *In an attempt to inform our patrons and readers, a few of our pieces will solely focus on ‘Coping with Coronavirus’. Stay home and stay safe – Bamboo Sheets Shop. The novel Coronavirus (COVID – 19) pandemic has currently affected close to 200,000 people worldwide and claimed over 7,000 lives in its wake. Countries across the globe are imposing social distancing and have even closed their borders as a measure to further curtail the virus spread and ease the burden on health services. Experts from the World Health Organization and the World over are recommending practices that will help ‘flatten the curve’. Here are a few steps to help you stay safe through this time Wash hands frequently Practice washing your hands with soap or…

    Mental Health and Sleep: How they influence each other?

    Mental Health and Sleep
    Does sleep affect the mental health or is it the other way around? It is hard to say. Doctors and researchers have observed that people suffering from some form of mental illness have disrupted sleep as compared to a person without any indication of mental illness. But on the other hand, doctors also believe that sleeplessness in people with mental illness precedes the illness itself and is a symptom to some form of illness. Let us take a look at how sleep and mental health affect each other and what can be done to improve sleep? Depression and Sleep People suffering from depression have a disruption in their cardiac rhythm. As a result, they tend to sleep either through the day or sleep in the...
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