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    Why Do We Yawn?

    Why Do We Yawn

    Yawning, not just humans, but a lot of animals as well do it. In essence, we yawn to take in a big breath of air into our lungs. Most often, we yawn when we are tired or sleepy by the end of the day, or as soon as we wake up in the morning. For years now, yawning has been associated with drowsiness and the body’s signal to fall asleep. However, there is a lot more to yawning than merely being an indicator of sleep. In this article, we focus on why we yawn and the extent of its association to sleep. What Happens When We Yawn? Remember that yawning has far more reasons than just sleepiness. Some reasons behind yawning are: Yawning helps regulate…

    Pregnancy Sleep Tips: How to Keep Insomnia and Sleep Disorders at Bay

    Pregnancy Sleep Tips

    Going through pregnancy requires lots of planning and support to maintain overall health and wellbeing. As the months for delivery near, the expecting mother is seldom in a state of comfort. In addition to nausea, body pain, back pain, fetal movement, and general discomfort, pregnant women are prone to developing insomnia or other sleep disorders. Through this article, we will learn some common sleep disorders reported by pregnant women and tips to overcome its related consequences. Common Sleep Problems Amongst Pregnant Women Insomnia Insomnia refers to difficulty in falling asleep, staying asleep or waking up really early and unable to fall back asleep. Expecting mothers have reported suffering from either of these three difficulties, especially towards the end of the term. Despite being tired all…

    The Right Essential Oils for Better Sleep

    Essential Oils for Better Sleep

    Essential oils are highly concentrated compound extracts of plants. They have multiple uses, but in all, help boost physical and mental health. This inexpensive form of alternative medicine comes with multiple healing properties. One such is its effective qualities to induce sleep or help remain asleep. Essential Oils: Usage and Risks Essential oils are easily available in stores or online and are widely gaining recognition for its successful sleep-inducing properties. Most essential oils are adaptogens, meaning they adapt to the person using it and could have different results in different people. So, it is best to sample tests before picking up an entire bottle. For instance, sandalwood essential oil is considered as a stimulant for its smell but in many instances, it has also helped…

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