Effective Tips to Improve Sleep During the Lockdown

Effective Tips to Improve Sleep During the Lockdown

Effective Tips to Improve Sleep During the Lockdown

The ongoing global pandemic caused by the novel Coronavirus continues to manifest its effects in many ways. One such is its effect on our sleep quality. The majority of the world’s population is forced to stay within the confines of our house to prevent the spread of the virus. However, staying under lockdown for weeks can have an impending effect on our sleep quality.

Moreover, we have also seen instances of people reporting about an increase in wired dreams, as a result of lockdown, which ends up disturbing the sleep. Therefore, we recommend a few tips to improve your sleep quality.

If your sleep schedule is not as affected, read our tips on maintaining your sleep schedule.

Working from home? Check out these tips to be as effective as in your workspace.

General Challenges to Getting Proper Sleep

  • Sudden change in daily routine;
  • Unable to meet family and friends;
  • Stuck alone or without family in lockdown;
  • General anxiety about the virus and the world;
  • Existing conditions of depression and mental health;
  • Burden of domestic chores with employment duties;
  • Stress-induced fatigue.

Importance of Sleeping, Pandemic or Not

How Can I Sleep Well During Coronavirus?

  • Doctors and scientists are highlighting the importance of sleep more than ever. The best way to ensure your sleep cycle does not get affected is by creating and sticking to an ideal bedtime routine. This ensures you go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, thereby, allowing your body clock to do its magic.
  • Create a daytime schedule as well. Create a list of things to complete and plan to complete them when the sunlight is out. It is commonly understood that humans work best when exposed to light and therefore, by allotting important tasks to the day, you can rest well at night without the stress of work pile up. Importantly, avoiding sleeping during the day and staying up at night.
  • The main reason we stay up at night is that our brains cannot switch off. Hence, you can try some light bedtime exercise that will induce sleep. Alternatively, if you have been anxious in the past couple of months, take small steps to reduce anxiety before bedtime. These activities can also be paired with breathing techniques that can enhance your sleep. You can also try massaging certain pressure points to induce sleep.
  • Music is a stress reliever that has no side effects. Music is also enjoyed by all regardless of age, location, or preference. Therefore, studies suggest that music can also help put you to sleep. By incorporating soothing music as part of your sleep schedule, you can enhance your sleep quality over time.
  • You can also track your sleep through various apps. This will help identify your sleep issues which can allow you to address them in time.
  • If you are a fan of essential oils, here is a list of natural ingredients that boost sleep quality and act as a stress reliever.
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