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    How Clean Are Your Hotel Bed Sheets?


    Often times, people go on trips out of state and find a hotel to stay in for the night. They trust that the hotel cleans the room like they should. They do not think anything more about it and get into their sleeping attire. Most people roll back the covers and sheets and get right into bed, exhausted by a long day’s drive. Pulling the blankets over them, they fall asleep. The cold hard truth is that many hotels do not wash the sheets after each use to save time and money. Others do wash them, but do not use antibacterial laundry soap. So in a sense, you are sleeping with whatever the people before you left behind. If you’re a frequent hotel guest, then…

    Bed Sheets and Laundry Detergent


    The Pro and Cons of Using Conventional Laundry Detergent to Wash Bed Sheets When someone has a pile of dirty laundry to do, they often have speed and efficiency in mind as they grab a bottle of conventional laundry detergent. If this same person has added all the dirty bedsheets in the house to a pile of laundry, he or she will have the same objective: to get done as fast as possible. Many people are unaware that washing bed sheets in hot water is a bad idea because the heat adversely affects the fabric, causing the sheets to wear out much sooner. But most people do not give a lot of thought to the laundry detergent they choose, besides whether they like the way…

    Graveyard Shift Workers


    Getting a Good Day’s Sleep for Graveyard Shift Workers For those who must or choose to work the night shift, sleep can sometimes be more difficult to get. People are more active during the daytime all around where you desperately seek peace, there’s more light, and most people will have to fight against their natural internal time clock. But there are ways to stack that sleep deck in your favor.   Make Your Sleep Area More Zen Get rid of any clutter, screens with blue light (television, laptops, cell phones), and other distractions if possible. Consider getting a soothing bamboo sheet set to make sleep more appealing. Make your bedroom only for sleep, so your mind and body starts an immediate move toward sleep as…

    Why Uninterrupted Sleep Isn’t the Only Option


    What’s So Great About a Full Eight? Why Uninterrupted Sleep Isn’t the Only Option Do you often find yourself lying awake at night, unable to sleep, simply growing more anxious by the moment that you will be forced to face a groggy, sleep-deprived day? If so, you can join more than a third of American adults who report that they are not getting enough sleep on a regular basis. The negative effects of insufficient sleep extend beyond feeling a bit groggy. Sleep deprivation leads to impaired physical and cognitive function that lower your body’s defenses against illness, damage decision making ability and memory, and contribute to excess weight gain, among many other undesirable symptoms. In fact, according to research cited by Harvard Medical School “sleeping…

    Best Sleeping Position?


    People sleep in a multitude of different positions throughout the night. Some sleep on their backs all night, while others toss from side to side. Some even sleep on their stomachs. There are even people who sleep in a recliner sitting up. The age old question still remains. Which position is best for the human body? There are pro’s and con’s to each position, but one position remains supreme. In this article, we will discuss the positive and negative ramifications of each way of sleeping. Reading this article will supply information to help you choose which position is right for you, so without further delay, let us get started. Side Sleepers Many people feel comfortable sleeping on their sides. There is a reason behind the…

    All natural face masks


    You can make face masks with ingredients in your pantry rather than spending money on chemical-laden products that may, or may not, work for your unique skin. With homemade recipes you can adjust levels of ingredients, or swap them out entirely until it’s perfect. Also, when a recipe fails, you can eat it. When you lay down on your bed with the mask on, lay a towel down to protect your sheets from stains. Most masks should only be left on for a matter of minutes and then rinsed off so you won’t have to worry about rolling over in your sleep and ruining the mask or your sheets at the same time. Extra portions of the mask can be stored in the refrigerator for…

    Relaxing natural tea recipes


    There are an infinite number of natural flowers, roots, and plants that can be used in herbal teas.These teas can be used for everything from headache relief to treating insomnia, and even to act as complementary treatments for people undergoing conventional cancer treatments. The following is a partial list of herbal tea remedies used to treat anxiety, nervousness, and sleeplessness. Chamomile Roman and German chamomiles have similar appearances and uses. This aromatic, herbal tea is produced by using only the fresh or dried flowers. The tea has a soothing and mildly sedative effect which helps people relax after or even during a hectic day. It can aid a good night’s sleep. Chamomile is very safe to use, even for small children. Lemon Balm This is…

    Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

    trees 1

    How to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly Pollution now ranks as one of the biggest problems of the modern era. It causes diseases like asthma and cancer, spoils water supplies, and makes our air uncomfortable to breathe. While cities and commercial entities are usually the target of blame, individual homes do produce quite a bit of pollution over time. Chemicals used in home cleaning, electricity usage, and even the designs used when building a home contribute to the production of pollutants. So how does one make their home more environmentally friendly? Check out our tips below. Keep the Trees Homeowners often cut down trees around the yard to create more space or to eliminate the threat of a fallen branch during a storm. While these…

    Having trouble sleeping?


    Things to change when having trouble sleeping Reasons the Bedroom Might Keep Someone from Sleeping Properly Proper and adequate sleep is essential to health and well being. Being chronically under-rested makes everything harder, from work and driving to leisure and intimacy with a partner. Sleep is when the human body repairs cellular damage done to it throughout the day by food, by mental and physical stressors, and by caffeine, smoking, and alcohol. Taking a closer look at one’s bedroom might reveal some smaller modifications you can make to encourage a most restful night’s sleep. Potential Allergens A stuffy nose will definitely keep someone awake at night, especially when lying down. Discharge from the sinus cavities tends to pool when one sleeps in a horizontal position….

    The importance of breathability in sheets


    Why Breathability in Sheets Is So Crucial Many people don’t understand the benefits of using breathable sheets. While it may simply sound like the trendy thing to do, bed sheets which allow the skin to breathe can improve one’s skin, as well as one’s lifestyle. Read on to find out how these sheets can improve any bed and ensure a good night’s rest. Sleeping Soundly with Less Sweat Breathable sheets make it easier for air to move around a sleeping body. Because air is allowed to flow through, the skin does not become as sweaty, allowing the individual to feel cool and comfortable. Since the body does not feel as uncomfortable as it would by letting sweat pool, it is easier to get a good…

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