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    6 Cool Gadgets for Your Bedroom

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    From the iPhone to self-driving cars, technology has certainly come a long way in the last decade. A new gadget’s success is largely dependant on the usability and convenience it provides to the end user. And while industries from communication to transportation have been revolutionized in recent years and plenty of coverage along the way, one department of innovation that gets less attention is the bedroom. A wave of new tools and resources have given birth to brand new sleep experiences and the. Here are the 6 cool gadgets for your bedroom that are out there now. Cool Gadgets to Have in Your Room 1. SMART BLINDS — FLIPFLIC FlipFlic, a compact solar-powered device basically controls your blinds in seconds with no tools. This smart bedroom technology...

    Improve Bedroom Mood With Colored Bamboo Sheets


    Improve Bedroom Mood With Colored Bamboo Sheets Whether directly or subtly, the colors that people come across on a regular basis may play a huge role not just on how they think, but also on how they feel. The psychology of color is a vast field with varying interpretations offered by different experts. How one person perceives a particular color depends on that person’s personality, culture, upbringing, and overall state of being. There are natural reactions to color when combined with daily associations, and there are personalized reactions that are unique to each individual. For example, one person looking at a solid blue sea might feel peaceful, while another person looking at the very same body of water might feel lonely and sad. Practically speaking,…

    2016 Paint Color Trends


    2016 Paint Color Trends Once upon a time, painting was a big home improvement job which often required professional attention. These days it’s fairly easy to pick a color, call over some friends, and splash some paint on the walls. Because of this, even renters often paint their walls, and then throw in the curtains, bed sheets, and cushions to match the overall décor – tying all the colors together in a perfect combination. So what colors have people been tying together, and how? Let’s examine the current paint color trends, thriving in 2016. Minimalist White   Whitewashed walls were once a favorite before more bold colors stole their thunder. However, white walls definitely made a comeback with the popularity of minimalism — not just…

    Best Choices for Winter Bedding


    Once winter settles in, the nights get colder and sometimes all you want is to settle into a nice comfy bed and not have to worry about spending the first 10 minutes getting the sheets and covers warm. Quality bedding, though absolutely worth the cost, is not cheap, so decide just how cold the area you live generally gets during the winter. There’s a big difference between Alaska winters and southern California ones. There are some shortcuts that can help with your choices. For Those in Cold Country For sheets, invest in a premium set of flannel sheets. Flannel warms up quickly and provides a thicker layer of warmth. If you like an electric blanket that also is a good choice for really cold climates,…

    How to make a Perfect Bed


    Get Perfect Hospital Corners and No Wrinkles Making a bed with perfect hospital corners is easier than you think. Many people seek to make their beds perfect without any wrinkles and with perfectly folded corners like the hospitals do. Not only is this task neat and orderly, but it is also a reflection on one’s cleanliness. Asking a hospital orderly to demonstrate the correct procedure, we have compiled the necessary steps to carry out this task. When first starting, it is important to make sure the sheet is pulled tight and even all the way around the bed. It is easier to work with when the sheet has the exact amount of slack hanging on all four sides. Some people may have to move the…

    Feng Shui in the Bedroom


    You can use feng shui to promote the flow of good energy in your bedroom to attract good health, financial growth, spiritual serenity, better sex, and many other blessings. You can expel bad luck, and welcome good luck as well. When we take steps to balance ourselves, to reconnect with our environments, we benefit immeasurably. Architectural Elements When you buy a house, you may be used to paying attention to the size of bedrooms rather than their placement. Instead, take a look at what’s around the bedroom and how different spaces will be used. The best location for the bedroom is above a reading nook or dining space, places where shared energy is happy if not calm. Your bedroom should be in the back of…

    Best Ways to Beat Allergies this Spring


    Keep allergies at bay with these simple changes April showers bring May flowers…and all the pollen that comes with it. When you breath in pollen, your body sees it as a sort of invader that needs to be stopped, and the immune system attacks it as it would a virus or bacteria. These defensive antibodies release histamines, and histamines cause all those annoying symptoms – itchy eyes, sneezing, and runny noses. Allergies are no fun for anyone, and regardless of where you live, there’s a good chance that a bout of allergies is heading your way. You can keep an eye on the pollen forecast and avoid outdoor activities on allergen high days or take your daily over-the-counter allergy medicine to help lessen these effects….

    Spring Cleaning: How and When to Clean and Replace Common Household Items


    The clocks have sprung forward and the Easter bunny is on his way. Along with warmer weather, spring brings the fresh start of spring cleaning. This is the time when you tackle cleaning projects that are neglected throughout the year, like wiping down your walls and door knobs, dusting ignored nooks and crannies, and polishing furniture. We have a few more tasks to add to your list that you’ll want to work in your cleaning routine year-round, as well as information on when you’ll want to replace common items that you might not have realized have overstayed their welcome in your home. Bedding How to Clean For most every day sheets and pillowcases, you should wash them in warm water, not hot. Hot water can…

    Home Design Ideas – Easy Updates For Your Home


    If you ever watch design shows on TV, you’ll see that today’s top interior designers are opting for neutral bases that you can build on and personalize with bursts of color and personality in your accessorization. Even still, when your habitat is lived in, it can be hard to decide where to begin. A complete room redesign is not only daunting but can also be expensive. We compiled some easy upgrades you can make to your bedroom, family room, dining room, and kitchen for a simple and affordable facelift that will make your home look updated and welcoming.   Before you make any big changes, the first step is to do a little cl eaning and organization. Go through each room one at a time…

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