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    Effective Tips to Improve Sleep During the Lockdown

    Effective Tips to Improve Sleep During the Lockdown

    The ongoing global pandemic caused by the novel Coronavirus continues to manifest its effects in many ways. One such is its effect on our sleep quality. The majority of the world’s population is forced to stay within the confines of our house to prevent the spread of the virus. However, staying under lockdown for weeks can have an impending effect on our sleep quality. Moreover, we have also seen instances of people reporting about an increase in wired dreams, as a result of lockdown, which ends up disturbing the sleep. Therefore, we recommend a few tips to improve your sleep quality. If your sleep schedule is not as affected, read our tips on maintaining your sleep schedule. Working from home? Check out these tips to…

    Binge Sleeping: Tips, Effects and Consequences

    Binge Sleeping Effects and Consequences

    Over the year, the way we live and sleep has changed drastically. Right from sleeping at sundown many years ago, to the era of sleeping at sunrise as we practice today – we have come a long way in modifying our sleep architecture to adapt to the growing modern lifestyle. Unfortunately, this comes with a host of implications. Most common being, insomnia, increased mental health issues, and other forms of sleep disorders. In search of a solution, the new age adult, predominantly now practices the habit of sleeping for less than six hours every night on weekdays. To compensate the lost hours, we sleep all through the day on weekends. This act is popularly deriving the name “sleep binge”. In light of this, we take…

    Can Music Help You Sleep Better?

    Can Music Help You Sleep Better

    With the growth in technological advancements, it is much easier to find solutions online to help us sleep better. One such is the influence of soothing music during bedtime. Various musicians and researchers have collaborated over the years to study whether music can actually improve quality sleep, and the answer is a definite yes! Music is therapeutic for many people. However, not all forms of music can aid you in sleeping well. The National Sleep Foundation suggests that listening to music with a rhythm between 60 to 80 beats per minute (BPM) is ideal to induce deep slumber. This is mainly because music has an effect over the nervous system; more specifically, the parasympathetic nerves which are typically in charge of relaxing the muscles and…

    Why Drinking Water is Essential to Boosting Sleep Quality?

    Drinking Water Boosts Sleep Quality

    A word of advice that’s commonly passed around for a healthier lifestyle is to ensure adequate hydration. Water plays a vital role in our day to day functioning and maintains electrolyte balance within our body. Dehydration can lead to a host of body ailments and can also affect sleep greatly. A study published by the Oxford Academic concluded that lack of hydration can lead to shorter sleep durations. The study analyzed sleeping patterns and urine samples of 20,000 participants from both the US and China. Dehydration: Effect on the Body Dehydration can also lead to dizziness, lethargy, and drowsiness the following day. In addition, dehydration can induce painful nocturnal leg cramps. Furthermore, the lack of hydration can dry up both the nasal and mouth passages…

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