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    Tips: Switching from Night Owl to Early Risers

    Switching from Night Owl to Early Risers

    As health consciousness amongst Millennials is on the rise, a lot more youngsters prefer being an early riser to a night owl. Those who habitually stay up late are also striving to become early birds by adjusting their schedules or even their lifestyle. Sleeping late every day attracts a host of health problems as it is not always possible to attain eight hours of sleep every night. Moreover, waking up early in the day gives you a few hours ahead of the rest of the world, making it possible to attain maximum productivity. Studies suggest that merely making small changes to sleep schedule can make it easily possible to become early birds. In light of this, the following tips will help you make the switch…

    Can Music Help You Sleep Better?

    Can Music Help You Sleep Better

    With the growth in technological advancements, it is much easier to find solutions online to help us sleep better. One such is the influence of soothing music during bedtime. Various musicians and researchers have collaborated over the years to study whether music can actually improve quality sleep, and the answer is a definite yes! Music is therapeutic for many people. However, not all forms of music can aid you in sleeping well. The National Sleep Foundation suggests that listening to music with a rhythm between 60 to 80 beats per minute (BPM) is ideal to induce deep slumber. This is mainly because music has an effect over the nervous system; more specifically, the parasympathetic nerves which are typically in charge of relaxing the muscles and…

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