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    Sleepwalking: Symptoms and Causes

    Sleepwalking Symptoms and Causes

    Sleepwalking occurs when a person is in deep sleep and at that time, results in walking or carrying out other chores. Studies point that at least 18% of the world’s population sleepwalks at least once in their life. Sleepwalking occurs most commonly in children but many adults too face this when extremely sleep deprived. When a person sleepwalks, they are: Unaware of what is happening to them; Usually in a deep sleep stage; Able to carry out multiple tasks, that range from just getting up and sitting on the bed, walking around the house, or even walking out/driving. What Causes Sleepwalking? Medically, sleepwalking is known as somnambulism. Doctors note that there are no evident psychological or psychiatric reasons for sleepwalking and many times, it is…

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