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    Pressure Points for Better Sleep

    Pressure Point for Better Sleep

    With an increase in the number of people suffering from insomnia and sleep disorders, preference for acupressure remedies are on the rise. Finding its roots in traditional Chinese medicine, acupressure stimulates certain pressure points on the human body as part of physical and mental healing. This is mainly because the human body is capable of self-healing, and when these pressure points are activated rightly, it goes a long way in treating illness and relieving pain. In this article, we will focus on certain pressure points that can help address insomnia and associated sleep disorders to ensure you get eight hours of satisfying sleep. While it may sound overwhelming to do this without a professional, activating pressure points for sleep can be done by self. By…

    Microsleep: Meaning, Symptoms, Effects on Health


    Have you ever dozed off for a second in class or the movies, and suddenly woken up by head jerk? A phenomenon such as this is known as microsleep. Essentially, it is small bursts of sleep or loss of attention that can last for a few seconds, even without the knowledge of the person. While microsleep is most common when you are sleep deprived for long hours, it is most common with people suffering from sleep disorders like insomnia, narcolepsy or sleep apnea. Understanding Microsleep Better Microsleep manifests in different forms. It may not always result in dozing off for a few seconds. The symptoms of microsleep can also be: Unintended lack of response to external stimuli; Blank stare; Sudden body jerks; Head bobbing; Disorientation…

    The Right Essential Oils for Better Sleep

    Essential Oils for Better Sleep

    Essential oils are highly concentrated compound extracts of plants. They have multiple uses, but in all, help boost physical and mental health. This inexpensive form of alternative medicine comes with multiple healing properties. One such is its effective qualities to induce sleep or help remain asleep. Essential Oils: Usage and Risks Essential oils are easily available in stores or online and are widely gaining recognition for its successful sleep-inducing properties. Most essential oils are adaptogens, meaning they adapt to the person using it and could have different results in different people. So, it is best to sample tests before picking up an entire bottle. For instance, sandalwood essential oil is considered as a stimulant for its smell but in many instances, it has also helped…

    Breathing Techniques for Better Sleep

    Breathing Techniques for Better Sleep

    Falling asleep can often prove to be quite the task. More often than not, people find themselves in bed wither tossing and turning or staring at the ceiling for what feels like an eternity. According to a study by the American Sleep Association, about fifty to seventy million Americans suffer from some form of sleep disorder with insomnia ranking highest amongst the disorders. While sleep troubles can be attributed to many different factors like lifestyle, improper sleep environment, unbalanced diet, physical and mental health issues, to name a few, certain breathing exercises can help combat it to a certain degree. Focusing on breathing before bed calms both the body and mind, enabling them to sleep faster. Here are a few techniques that should help you…

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