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    The importance of breathability in sheets


    Why Breathability in Sheets Is So Crucial

    Many people don’t understand the benefits of using breathable sheets. While it may simply sound like the trendy thing to do, bed sheets which allow the skin to breathe can improve one’s skin, as well as one’s lifestyle. Read on to find out how these sheets can improve any bed and ensure a good night’s rest.

    Sleeping Soundly with Less Sweat

    Breathable sheets make it easier for air to move around a sleeping body. Because air is allowed to flow through, the skin does not become as sweaty, allowing the individual to feel cool and comfortable. Since the body does not feel as uncomfortable as it would by letting sweat pool, it is easier to get a good night’s rest and sleep longer. This can make all the difference when waking up to a busy day.

    Breathable Sheets Prevent Breakouts

    Acne is a common problem when someone sweats a lot. Thankfully it can easily be prevented by using sheets allowing plenty of air, like a bamboo sheet set. This helps the skin, since sheets which permit airflow do not collect oil or other residues. When oils are allowed to build up and rub against the skin, the pores become clogged and acne may start to form. Sleeping on bedding that allows for airflow helps those currently experiencing skin issues and acts as a preventative measure.


    Fewer Allergens to Deal with at Night

    For people who suffer from allergies, be they seasonal or triggered by pet dander, breathable sheets can offer a refuge. This is because while most sheets provide a place for allergens to embed themselves in, these do not. The advantage of a lower thread count is that dander, pollen, and other triggers do not become entangled, allowing rest to come naturally.

    Staining Is Not as Evident

    Stains from sweat can pose an issue, even while a person sleeps. It can be frustrating to have to constantly clean bedding in an effort to prevent stains from setting in. But with fabrics that are breathable, such as bamboo sheets, stains do not show as readily as with other types of material. This not only saves time in cleaning and changing a bed, but it makes keeping up on housework a simpler process.

    Softer Bedding Makes for a Peaceful and Restful Night

    Softness is important to anyone who has trouble going to sleep, or who just wants to be assured sleeping on breathable sheets won’t impair their rest pattern. Breathable fabric is of higher quality and is usually very soft, making it comfortable for even the most sensitive skin. Relaxing on soft bedding can also be comforting when a person is feeling under the weather or has experienced a difficult day. Waking up refreshed is one of the highlights of using soft, comfortable bedding with good airflow.


    Breathable sheets provide several different benefits. Consider a change to a new way of sleeping and see how crisp and relaxing fabrics can change the way you view going to bed. With all the various colors and patterns out there, any bedroom can benefit from having new and improved sheets that promise luxurious sleep.

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