How to make a Perfect Bed


How to make a Perfect Bed

Get Perfect Hospital Corners and No Wrinkles

Making a bed with perfect hospital corners is easier than you think. Many people seek to make their beds perfect without any wrinkles and with perfectly folded corners like the hospitals do. Not only is this task neat and orderly, but it is also a reflection on one’s cleanliness. Asking a hospital orderly to demonstrate the correct procedure, we have compiled the necessary steps to carry out this task.

When first starting, it is important to make sure the sheet is pulled tight and even all the way around the bed. It is easier to work with when the sheet has the exact amount of slack hanging on all four sides. Some people may have to move the bed out from the wall to achieve the desired results.

Getting Started

Remember, you will need access to both sides as well as to the foot of the bed. Having full access makes it easier to maneuver around the bed. The job will be frustrating if you cannot walk around the bed.

  1. Start with a fresh, clean sheet that is wrinkle-free. The reason for this is if you start wrinkle-free, you will end wrinkle-free.
  1. After you get the sheet evenly on the mattress, pull all the wrinkles out.
  1. Check again for uneven lengths all around the bed. Make sure the sides are even with each other and the head and foot are even with each other.
  1. Tuck the foot of the sheet all the way in. This will be your starting point. You may need to slightly lift the mattress to tuck the sheet in. After you have tucked it, run your hands under the mattress to make sure there are no wrinkles.
  1. Choosing a corner at the foot of the bed, you are ready for your first hospital corner. At this point, you shouldn’t have the side of the bed you choose tucked in yet. Grab the sheet 16 inches from the foot of the bed and lift up to form a triangle shape. The two sides should fall back down in 45-degree angles.
  1. You will notice some excess fabric hanging down, so tuck the excess under the mattress. Do this while holding the top of the triangle you just made. As you tuck the sheet, use your hand to guide the sheet around the corner in a nice, neat fashion.
  1. After you have tucked the excess, let the sheet fall back over the side. With the corner complete, now start tucking in the side of the bed. Make sure you keep running your hands under the mattress to smooth out all the wrinkles. Follow these steps at the head of the bed as well.
  1. Once you have success with the first side, Start the same steps on the other side. Make sure you slightly pull the wrinkles you may have made in the top of the sheet. Repeat steps one through seven on the other side.

You should have a nice, wrinkle-free hospital corner all the way around the bed. In the military, the steps are the same except they pull the sheet tighter. By following these simple steps you should achieve the desired results. Now take a picture! You have earned it!

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