Buying Sheets: What Makes Sheets High Quality and why it Matters


Buying Sheets: What Makes Sheets High Quality and why it Matters

Several things impact the quality of sheets including thread count, weave, and even where the sheets were made. But does it really matter, considering we’re not even awake for the majority of the time we spend between the sheets? The answer is yes. Knowing what makes sheets high quality can prevent you from spending too much money on marketing gimmicks like thread count alone.

Good quality sheets are also more durable, less likely to shrink and lose their shape, and may affect your quality of sleep for the better.

What Makes Bed Linen High Quality

The Material. As in all things, the ingredients behind a product often determine the quality. In the case of sheets, high-quality materials or fibers may lead to less pilling, shrinkage, and loose lint. High quality long fibers are best, and may include Egyptian cotton, silk, and bamboo bedding. For this reason, these sheets are usually more expensive.

The Weave. How manufacturers weave the fibers making up the sheets also affects the appearance of the fabric, its durability, and ultimately, how much it will cost. Basic weaving patterns which use the same amount of vertical as horizontal weaves are of lower quality. Better quality weaves include percale, sateen, jacquard, and damask.

The Finish. To help sheets maintain their shape, add a nice sheen, and resist wrinkling, many manufacturers apply a finish with chemicals. Consumers with sensitive skin may pay more to purchase sheets with no chemical finishes, and which are made from materials grown without the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

The Manufacturers. The French and Italian, as in the case of many things of comfort, luxury, and style, are considered the gold standard of sheets. So, sheets made in these countries tend to represent the best quality, even when the thread count is lower.
Private companies around the world also make and sell exceptionally good sheets. Some brands to consider include Matouk, Bamboo Sheets Shop, Snowe, Calvin Klein, Frette, and BedVoyage.

comfortWhy High-Quality Sheets Matter

Durability. The primary reason most people invest in high-quality sheets? The durability. Shopping for sheets is not most people’s idea of a great time, so the more durable the sheets, the less need there is to replace them frequently. So, investing in more expensive and durable bed linen can save customers money, based on how infrequently they need replacing.

Appearance. Another reason high-quality sheets matter is for appearance. When we paint our bedrooms, choose the carpeting or a rug, and pick out our blinds, the bed linen becomes the final decorating touch. Based on the décor of a room, many people prefer luxurious silk, sensible cotton, or comfortable bamboo sheets.
High-quality sheets also prove less likely to pill, shrink, lose their shape, and get covered in lint. This helps to maintain a clean and symmetrical look, which can make a room look neat and inviting.

Comfort. High-quality sheets are usually softer and thus more comfortable than other sheets. For people with sensitive or hairy skin, this may result in less pulling and less discomfort, which helps to improve the quality of sleep.
High-quality silk is smoother to the touch than cheaper counterparts. Likewise, cotton and bamboo sheets are softer and more breathable; and flannel, more lightweight, when of a higher quality.

If you love comfort, style, and durability. then nothing beats high-quality sheets. Not only does it make your bedroom more inviting and welcoming, but it also adds a more luxurious look, and soothes your body and mind as you drift off to sleep.

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