Can CBD Actually Help You Sleep Better?

Can CBD Actually Help You Sleep Better

Can CBD Actually Help You Sleep Better?

The use of the cannabis plant for health benefits has been a long-debated and criticized topic all over the world. With the onset of legalization of the sale and distribution of medical marijuana in many parts of the world, researchers are discovering the effects it has over the body and the mind.

Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are the two main components of the cannabis plant. Cannabidiol also knows as CBD does not cause or induce a high in people, unlike THC. The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that the use of CDB for medical purpose has not shown any indication of threat to public health and does not exhibit any effect of dependence potential to cause addiction.

An online study conducted by Philips across over 12 counties pointed that over 60% of adults suffer from lack of sleep or some form of sleeping disorder. In the quest to find better sleeping solutions, a 2019 study with 72 adults with a sleeping disorder was conducted. Each person was administered a small amount of CBD every day. By the end of the first month, about 66% of the adults reported it helped them sleep better. Various other studies are also being conducted to understand how CBD can help sleep better.

CBD for Anxiety and Stress

The human body produces chemicals called endocannabinoid which binds with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The systems run through the nervous system essentially controlling your mood, memory, sleep, stress, anxiety, pain and immunity. ECS is also a receptor to CDB which trigger the same function with the potential to ease stress and reduce anxiety.

Additionally, CDB also has some effects with chemicals released in the brain. The chemical component called serotonin is responsible for causing anxiety and depression. While the effects of CBD on the brain is not fully know, the serotonin receptors bind with CBD to show positive effects in treating depression and anxiety.

Out of the above 72 adults who were administered CBD daily, about 47 reportedly experienced anxiety and 25 with poor sleeping habits prior to the research. CBD not only reduced anxiety amongst 80% of the adults, but it also calmed the body and helped them sleep without waking up multiple times at night. While the use of CBD products in itself might not induce sleep, it will, however, reduce your stress to ease your body into a deep slumber. Researchers also suggest that regular consumption over time can ensure you sleep deeper and for longer without any disturbance.

How to Use CBD for Better Sleep?

CBD can be consumed in various forms. If your country has decriminalized the use of marijuana for only medical purposes, then the sale of CDB is stripped off any THC content to keep it purely medicinal. But if your country has legalized the use of marijuana as a recreational drug, CBD products could have traces of THC that can make you high. Make sure you check with the retailer and do your thorough research before purchasing one.

The different ways of consumption are:

  • In the form of oils
  • Oral ingestion through capsule
  • Edibles infused with CBD
  • Nasal spray
  • Topical lotion
  • Inhalation

Bonus Tip

If the idea of consuming cannabis is not appealing enough, the internet is a host to thousands of food recipes and videos with infused CBD. Look for a recipe of a dish you like so you have an added motivation to eat well and sleep better.

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