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    How to Choose the Right Bed Sheets and Mattress

    How to Choose the Right Bed Sheets and Mattress
    Buying a new mattress or replacing old ones is often quite the task. Identifying the right mattress goes a long way in ensuring your body rests correctly. A wrong mattress that doesn’t suit your body can make it difficult to fall asleep, affect sleep patterns or can cause back or neck pain. To avoid this, it is essential to understand what your body needs. But the job isn’t done with just choosing the right mattress. Buying the best sheets can add to your comfort level and enhance your sleep quality. Some organic sheets sold today have health benefits and are eco-friendly as well. To help pick what you deserve, this article will offer insights on how to choose the right mattress and bed sheets. Types...

    Sleep and Insomnia: Two Sides of the Same Coin

    Sleep and Insomnia
    If you are having regular sleepless nights or irregular sleep, you are probably wondering if you have insomnia. This article will help you understand the science behind insomnia and the actions one can take to sleep better at night. What is insomnia? Insomnia is a sleeping disorder that makes it difficult to fall asleep or to stay asleep the whole night. Insomnia occurs over a sustained period of time. Have you tried developing a sleep schedule  before bedtime and in the morning after waking up? Have you tried different unconventional techniques that can help sleep you better ? If neither of these has helped, then you probably need to see a doctor understand how severe your insomnia can be. Insomnia can be acute or chronic. Acute...

    Can CBD Actually Help You Sleep Better?

    Can CBD Actually Help You Sleep Better
    The use of the cannabis plant for health benefits has been a long-debated and criticized topic all over the world. With the onset of legalization of the sale and distribution of medical marijuana in many parts of the world, researchers are discovering the effects it has over the body and the mind. Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are the two main components of the cannabis plant. Cannabidiol also knows as CBD does not cause or induce a high in people, unlike THC. The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that the use of CDB for medical purpose has not shown any indication of threat to public health and does not exhibit any effect of dependence potential to cause addiction. An online study conducted by Philips...

    Why Do We Need Sleep?

    Why Do We Sleep
    A good night’s sleep gives you the rest you need, leaving you more productive and creative for the next day. While the mind shuts down when you hit the sack, the brain does not disconnect from the environment. There is a lot of processing and restoring happening every night to ensure your immunity is built and memories are saved. However, without sleep, the body and mind get affected. Why humans need to sleep every night or what exactly happens in the brain while sleeping is a vast uncharted area that scientists continue to explore till date. This exploration through various studies and scientific experiments have proved that brain cells are very much active when we sleep and carries out a different set of functions as...

    6 Ways to Get Yourself out of Bed Quickly

    Does a worse sound exist than that of your alarm going off at 6AM (early bird) on a Monday morning? I know, just the thought of it makes you cringe. And we all know what happens next; snooze after snooze until you finally work up the courage to force yourself out of bed. Getting out of bed is one of the most difficult tasks we face in our daily routine. The counterintuitiveness of it all is what makes it so frustrating: at midnight you’re wide awake, full of energy and ready for bed, but when the morning comes you’re so comfortable under your covers that it’s so incredibly difficult to get yourself out. We can all use a helping hand on how to get out...

    5 Healthy Ways on How to Change Your Sleep Schedule

    How To Change Sleep Schedule
    Does this sound familiar: every night you tell yourself you’re going to go to bed early and follow a strict sleeping pattern but every night you find yourself wide awake at 2am reading the latest mind-numbing Donald Trump tweets. As you know, following a proper sleeping pattern is ideal for you to have a good night's sleep. Our bodies love routine and going to bed at the same time every night and waking up at the same time every morning will help you set your internal biological clock. So toughen up, face the challenge on how to change your sleeping pattern healthily. Employ these techniques into your lifestyle to help you develop a proper sleep schedule and have you feel in tip-top shape everyday.  ...

    6 Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep Better

    Baby Sleeping
    There is nothing in this world that takes away the joys of having a newborn baby. But while the newest addition to the family is a blessing, the difficulties in getting your baby to sleep can be frustrating. Staying up all night making sure your baby is falling asleep can impact your own health. It is extremely important to arm yourself with key infant sleep facts, develop a plan, implement it and stick to it. Before you know it, your baby will be sleeping 11-12 hours at night and taking proper naps throughout the day and you’ll regain your energy and be back to full strength! 1.Understand how a baby sleeps You may think that keeping a baby awake longer will allow them to fall...

    5 Crazy Places People Have Tried To Sleep

    Crazy palces to sleep
    Have you ever been so tired you just couldn’t keep your eyes open and just drifted into a deep, peaceful sleep right there on the spot? Who am I kidding, we’ve all been there! Whether it be caused by a heavy workload, the stress of a school year or the result of uncomfortable bed sheets (although we have a fix for that), the burden of our everyday lives can leave us feeling sleep deprived, and as a result can impact our health and daily productivity. So when it comes to snoozing, you’d be surprised at the places people have tried, although sometimes unsuccessfully, to sleep. While we all love cozying up in our bed, when it is out of reach we have to settle for...

    5 Reasons Why You Should Always Make Your Bed


    If you’re like most, you probably dread the daily chore of making your bed. In your defense, your unwillingness is not without justification. It’s early in the morning, you had a late night preparing for your big presentation, and breakfast is usually a quick bowl of frosted flakes which you devour as quick as possible so you can get on the road and start your day. Making your bed is the last thing you want to waste your time doing. Fine. But know this, there are several benefits to making your bed in the morning which we will look at in more detail. So make sure to give yourself an extra few minutes each morning cause those comfy bamboo sheets won’t make themselves.   It…

    6 tips for a better night’s sleep

    Sleep 1

    We’ve all been there. Tossing and turning, eyes wide open, constantly starting at the clock counting down the hours till your alarm goes off, wishing you could just doze off into a blissful, peaceful sleep. You employ every trick in the books; count sheep, recall your day hour by hour, run through situations in your head that will probably never happen, but none of it works. Eventually you wake up in the morning feeling hazy, clouded, and far from refreshed. Not getting a good night’s rest can lead to serious health problems including heart disease, high blood pressure, weight gain, and diabetes among others. The good news is, there are measure you can take to ensure you rest well, and lead a more productive and…

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