5 Crazy Places People Have Tried To Sleep

Crazy palces to sleep

5 Crazy Places People Have Tried To Sleep

Have you ever been so tired you just couldn’t keep your eyes open and just drifted into a deep, peaceful sleep right there on the spot? Who am I kidding, we’ve all been there! Whether it be caused by a heavy workload, the stress of a school year or the result of uncomfortable bed sheets (although we have a fix for that), the burden of our everyday lives can leave us feeling sleep deprived, and as a result can impact our health and daily productivity. So when it comes to snoozing, you’d be surprised at the places people have tried, although sometimes unsuccessfully, to sleep. While we all love cozying up in our bed, when it is out of reach we have to settle for some unusual places.

On the job

Maybe the most common one (or maybe that’s just me). When things get busy at work and you have to put in those long hours, it can get hard to keep your eyes open at your desk. Next thing you know your boss is tapping you on your shoulder looking for some answers. All you people that work from home, be honest, you’ve snuck snuck in a quick afternoon nap here and there.

Public transit

It’s tempting to take advantage of your long commute to work to sneak in a quick snooze. You’ll probably wake up full of pain in your neck and back (damn those train seats) but it does feel good. Be careful though, you may the subject of pictures from strangers if you pass out in an awkward position like this guy did.

Doctor’s Office

The doctor’s have it coming for them, no? They make us wait an absurd amount of time in relatively quiet and warm waiting rooms making you all nice and drowsy. Then they call you and ask you to wait in their office fully equipped with a bed (ok, maybe it’s not exactly a bed). How can you turn down that opportunity to doze off? Baring the awkward encounter upon the doctor’s arrival into the office, it may not be such a crazy place to sleep.


Yep, toilets. If it hasn’t happened to you (I hope it hasn’t), I’m sure you know someone it has happened to. The only thing worse than falling asleep on the toilet is getting caught falling asleep on the toilet, pants around your ankles, bent over in prone position, drooling all over your thighs. Thankfully pictures can always be deleted from Facebook.


Homeless people aren’t the only ones that take advantage of these conveniently located make-shift beds. When the sun’s beaming down on a beautiful day and you’ve yet to have your morning coffee, the park bench becomes a little hard to resist.


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