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    Four Great Gift-Ideas for Sheet Lovers


    The old cliché goes that most women love shoes. Perhaps, this is true. What is certain beyond a shadow of a doubt though is that most women are homemakers. While many women ooh and ahh over stilettos, these women – and some men – are scouring through the home improvement stores at the mall instead, looking at bamboo bed sheet sets, plush rugs, and wooden blinds. So for the home decorating diva – or gentleman – in your life, here are four great gifts that are sure to make them happy. Personalized Bed Sheets Several companies now offer options to personalize sheets, which can prove a thoughtful – and even hilarious gift – for a housewarming or a newly married couple. Tempting as it may…

    Buying Sheets: Choosing Colors that can Improve your Sleep


    The color of our sheets carries way more importance than most people think. When we choose them, we should consider our lifestyle, taste, and how the colors may ultimately affect our sleep. There is hardly a color that meets all these needs, so buyers need to decide on their priority from the get-go. White sheets can brighten a room and add a sophisticated simplicity. But for all that, it dirties quickly, stains easily, and can sabotage your sleep. This is because white sheets reflect light. This can stop the production of melatonin needed by your body to regulate sleep. So for people who prioritize sleep above all else in the bedroom, here are four colors that can help them get more shuteye. Blue Over the…

    5 Factors to Keep in Mind when Buying Sheets


    Going the extra mile to make the house a comfortable and beautiful living space may seem like a traditionally feminine task. But when it comes to how well we sleep at night, no one should skimp on quality. Some people can sleep anywhere and through anything, but for most of us, a lot of things come into play that affects our quality of sleep: the temperature, the firmness of the mattress, the quiet or noise in the room, the feel of the sheets. With that in mind, here’s what to look for when buying comfortable sheets. The Season The first thing to consider when buying sheets has nothing to do with the sheets at all. Depending on how hot or cold it is, or how…

    Tips to Plan a Staycation

      Do you ever feel like you need a vacation, only to realize that taking one is hardly relaxing? Whether you’re trying to make schedules and flight times work or nailing down tour times to not miss a thing in a city, the planning can feel like a second job. Sure, traveling to a new city can be great, but after a few days of walking all day, dealing with crowds, and rushing from one spot to the next to take it all in, you feel ready for a vacation. Next time you need a break, consider taking a staycation. Not only does it eliminate the anxiety that comes with catching flights or dealing with traffic, but your wallet will thank you. Plus, you’ll be…

    Five Things You Should Buy Organic

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    Back when “organic” and “all-natural” first became a trend for companies and consumers, it usually also was a sign of a high price tag. Now, with the demand for cutting chemicals and living greener lives that are better for both us and the environment, organic products are more competitively priced than ever before. When you talk about organic products, usually food is what comes to mind. However, there are plenty of other everyday household items that you can swap out for alternatives that are healthier for your family and the environment. Check out some easy swaps below – chances are, you’ll love making the switch.   Produce We’ll start with the obvious and look at what’s in your shopping basket. It can add a lot…

    Best Ways to Beat Allergies this Spring


    Keep allergies at bay with these simple changes April showers bring May flowers…and all the pollen that comes with it. When you breath in pollen, your body sees it as a sort of invader that needs to be stopped, and the immune system attacks it as it would a virus or bacteria. These defensive antibodies release histamines, and histamines cause all those annoying symptoms – itchy eyes, sneezing, and runny noses. Allergies are no fun for anyone, and regardless of where you live, there’s a good chance that a bout of allergies is heading your way. You can keep an eye on the pollen forecast and avoid outdoor activities on allergen high days or take your daily over-the-counter allergy medicine to help lessen these effects….

    Spring Cleaning: How and When to Clean and Replace Common Household Items


    The clocks have sprung forward and the Easter bunny is on his way. Along with warmer weather, spring brings the fresh start of spring cleaning. This is the time when you tackle cleaning projects that are neglected throughout the year, like wiping down your walls and door knobs, dusting ignored nooks and crannies, and polishing furniture. We have a few more tasks to add to your list that you’ll want to work in your cleaning routine year-round, as well as information on when you’ll want to replace common items that you might not have realized have overstayed their welcome in your home. Bedding How to Clean For most every day sheets and pillowcases, you should wash them in warm water, not hot. Hot water can…

    How to Beat the Summer Heat (without A/C)?

    Take a second to think about the most memorable things in the summer. In my mind, I’m thinking about picnics at the park, hanging out on the beach, and chilled beverages (like tasty homemade iced tea). However, summer heat is dangerous. We’re talking about the real dog days of summer, when the extremely intense heat is pounding and the humidity makes it impossible to sit comfortably, be outside for more than a few minutes and sleep well through the night.  How to Beat the Summer Heat? The most obvious answer for comfortable, cool, REM sleep is a functional air conditioning unit. These modern cooling machines will most likely keep a bedroom at the optimum sleeping temperature (which is between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit), and on top of that, provide…

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