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    6 tips for a better night’s sleep

    Sleep 1

    We’ve all been there. Tossing and turning, eyes wide open, constantly starting at the clock counting down the hours till your alarm goes off, wishing you could just doze off into a blissful, peaceful sleep. You employ every trick in the books; count sheep, recall your day hour by hour, run through situations in your head that will probably never happen, but none of it works. Eventually you wake up in the morning feeling hazy, clouded, and far from refreshed. Not getting a good night’s rest can lead to serious health problems including heart disease, high blood pressure, weight gain, and diabetes among others. The good news is, there are measure you can take to ensure you rest well, and lead a more productive and…

    Three All Natural Skin Moisturizers


    All natural skin moisturizers you can keep on while you sleep The reality is that skin endures a lot of stress from free radicals and pollution on a daily basis. Because of these stressors, skin tends to lose elasticity and firmness over time. Sleeping allows the body to repair and rejuvenate the skin. Research indicates that skin cell turnover is 8 times faster during sleeping hours, making it a great time to apply facial skin moisturizers.   Apple Night Moisturizer These ingredients are what make this moisturizer effective: apples are full of Vitamins A, B, C, Beta-carotene, Malic acid (an exfoliant), and antioxidants. Rose water soothes acne breakouts, maintains the pH balance of the skin, helps heal scars, and rejuvenates skin tissue. It also contains…

    Using teabags for the eyes


    Using Tea Bags to Treat Eye Conditions Using tea bags to treat conditions like dark circles under the eyes have been practiced for decades, and it actually works. Tea bags are a cost-effective and proven method for reducing dark circles without any side effects. This is how and why tea bags work: The antioxidants in tea make it a good remedy for treating dark circles and reducing swelling or puffiness. The caffeine in tea shrinks blood vessels and reduces fluid in the tissues surrounding the eyes. Tea contains tannins which are what gives flavor and color to the tea, but they also promote blood circulation. Tea bags have anti-inflammatory properties. Tea contains alkaloids that promote healthy skin growth around the eyes. How to Use Tea…

    Bedding materials that can improve mood


    How Bedding Can Improve Your Mood In the grand scheme of things, bedding may not seem like an important issue, but the kind of bedding — texture, pattern, color — can make a big difference to the quality of sleep as well as how restful waking time spent in the bedroom can be. Do Colors Matter When Choosing Bedding? Many studies have been done on how colors affect people. The colors on walls and bedding have a great impact on sleep. Blue is the most calming color for the bedroom as well as for sheets. If your preference is using other colors, keep them neutral and less intense, choosing from the pale sections of the color palette. It is better to stay away from red-toned…

    Getting the Bedroom Ready for a Honeymoon


    For obvious reasons, the bedroom is often considered the most central (and intimate) room of any house. In that sense, the bedroom plays the role of the heart of the house and great measures should be taken to ensure it is properly cared for. Installing the proper lighting, setting up fixtures, choosing the best bed linen, and even establishing a pleasing aroma are all key steps to that effect. The honeymoon bedroom, then, is all the more momentous. The right look, feel, and smell are important for setting the mood for one of the most romantic moments of a couple’s time together. Putting in a little extra effort to spice up the honeymoon bedroom could be just what the doctor ordered. Honeymoon Bedroom While there…

    Improve Bedroom Mood With Colored Bamboo Sheets


    Improve Bedroom Mood With Colored Bamboo Sheets Whether directly or subtly, the colors that people come across on a regular basis may play a huge role not just on how they think, but also on how they feel. The psychology of color is a vast field with varying interpretations offered by different experts. How one person perceives a particular color depends on that person’s personality, culture, upbringing, and overall state of being. There are natural reactions to color when combined with daily associations, and there are personalized reactions that are unique to each individual. For example, one person looking at a solid blue sea might feel peaceful, while another person looking at the very same body of water might feel lonely and sad. Practically speaking,…

    How to Iron sheets


    How to Iron Different Types of Bed Sheets Ironing one’s bed sheets might seem like an activity for people who have a lot of extra time, but there are both aesthetic and health benefits to this practice. Taking down the cover on freshly ironed sheets before going to bed can be a pleasurable experience, but the added health benefit is that the heat from an iron will kill any dust mites that could cause sneezing and a runny nose for the sleeper. Everyone who’s ironed their clothes knows to be careful with different fabrics so the iron doesn’t scorch the cloth. Here’s a list of different fabrics bedsheets are made from and how to most effectively iron them. Cotton When ironing cotton sheets, make sure…

    Best Choices for Winter Bedding


    Once winter settles in, the nights get colder and sometimes all you want is to settle into a nice comfy bed and not have to worry about spending the first 10 minutes getting the sheets and covers warm. Quality bedding, though absolutely worth the cost, is not cheap, so decide just how cold the area you live generally gets during the winter. There’s a big difference between Alaska winters and southern California ones. There are some shortcuts that can help with your choices. For Those in Cold Country For sheets, invest in a premium set of flannel sheets. Flannel warms up quickly and provides a thicker layer of warmth. If you like an electric blanket that also is a good choice for really cold climates,…

    How to make a Perfect Bed


    Get Perfect Hospital Corners and No Wrinkles Making a bed with perfect hospital corners is easier than you think. Many people seek to make their beds perfect without any wrinkles and with perfectly folded corners like the hospitals do. Not only is this task neat and orderly, but it is also a reflection on one’s cleanliness. Asking a hospital orderly to demonstrate the correct procedure, we have compiled the necessary steps to carry out this task. When first starting, it is important to make sure the sheet is pulled tight and even all the way around the bed. It is easier to work with when the sheet has the exact amount of slack hanging on all four sides. Some people may have to move the…

    How to Get Stains Out of Sheets


    Getting stains out of sheets is a challenging task. Many people try and fail. There is a reason for the battle. Depending on the substance that causes the stain, there are rules to removing those stubborn spots. Stain removal takes a large degree of attention and, in some cases, scrubbing. In this article, we will discuss the proper way to remove those stains that so easily agitate us. So if that sounds like you then this article is for you. Go make a cup of coffee and check it out. Cotton Nature has given us cotton as a soft, cool, and comfortable choice for our sleeping needs. Since the beginning of time, people have used cotton for these very attributes. Not only are these qualities…

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