Coronavirus: Tips to Work From Home

Coronavirus Work From Home

Coronavirus: Tips to Work From Home

*In an attempt to inform our patrons and readers, a few of our pieces will solely focus on the ‘Coronavirus pandemic’. Stay home and stay safe – Bamboo Sheets Shop.

The novel coronavirus pandemic has infected over 400,000 people across the globe and has resulted in a death toll numbering close to 20,000. Nations have imposed lockdowns and social distancing as a measure to curb the transmission. The United States is now amongst the worst affected nations and the burden on hospitals is beginning to show. With people under quarantine and staying indoors, many companies have asked their employees to work from home. Social distancing is the only way to ‘flatten the curve’ and to ensure your work is covered, here are a few tips.

Tips to Work from Home

Make peace about working from home

Your efficiency and productivity will definitely vary when you don’t have the work environment you are used to. This feeling cannot be changed overnight. But in the meantime, set realistic expectations and goals for yourself and with your employer/employees to make the most out of work from home. A to-do list of daily/weekly tasks or expectations should help.

Figure our optimal work hours

Try and stick to your regular schedule even at home when it comes to working. There’s a good chance of communicating and working better with others if you have a dedicated time span just like in an office setting. If you have kids at home, consider shifts to spend or look after young kids.

Create a personalized and inspiring workspace

Identify spaces within the house to create your own workspace. Office spaces are designed to ensure maximum efficiency. Replicate that feeling within a space in your home which best inspires and motivates you to be productive. Avoid spaces with constant distractions. Another key factor is comfort – invest in furniture or use furniture that supports your body comfortably for hours. And, remember, do not work from your bed. Sitting on your bed and working all day is known to increase lethargy and reduce productiveness.

Expect the unexpected

Finally, since you’ll be working from home there will be interruptions and distractions. While it is impossible to completely isolate yourself like an office environment, mentally prepare yourself to head back to your workspace after sorting whatever interruption came in your way.

Technology to work from home

There are a host of online applications you can use to ensure your work continues efficiently.

  • Zoom / Skype works best for a conferencing application to ensure your meetings are on schedule with your team. Zoom also allows you to record the meeting, so you can go back and revisit anytime.
  • Slack – A chat-based system to communicate with your team. A good alternative to emails. Slack allows you to create a workspace within the app, through channels and groups that keep track of all communications of the entire office in one space.
  • Google Drive – A commonly used application to share files and other data. If you frequently work on large files as a group, using a shared drive works for the entire team to stay on the same page.
  • Toggl – Helps keep track of how much time you’re spending on each goal. This essentially helps you calculate the hours you have clocked.

If you are interested to know about more apps to solve your work from home problems, here is an extensive list of more applications that could come in handy.

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