Tips for Getting Rid of Sleep Bags Under the Eyes

Tips for Getting Rid of Sleep Bags Under the Eyes

Tips for Getting Rid of Sleep Bags Under the Eyes

Sleep bags under the eyes can be quite a concern for people. These are usually formed with age when weakened and sagging under the eyes relaxes. Over time with our lifestyle choices or genes, sleep bags can get even puffier and prominent. Generally harmless, these bags are a cosmetic concern. They are most noticeable in the morning as fluids settle in through the night, hence deriving the name – sleep bags.

However, sleep bags could also be a sign of underlying medical conditions. We recommend you consult your doctor if swelling or pain exists. While there are permanent solutions like cosmetic surgeries to remove sleep bags, here are a few home remedies and lifestyle suggestions to reduce them.

Hydrate yourself

Adequate water is a good first step toward a healthier lifestyle and fighting anybody ailment. Moreover, drinking water will boost your sleep quality, minimizing the chances of sleep bags as well.

Quit or reduce smoking and alcohol

Smoking and alcohol consumption can elevate sleep bags and make them more prominent. Alcohol dehydrates your body causing dark circles and sleep bags. Smoking, on the other hand, reduces vitamin C content within the body. Vitamin C is responsible for healthy collagen in the body.

Remove makeup before sleep

Remove your makeup entirely before bed. Rinse your face with water to hydrate the skin. Sleeping for hours with heavy makeup leads to breakouts which result in puffiness.

Cold compress

There are many options for a cold compress. By constricting the blood vessels quickly, a cold compress can offer temporary relief. Ensure whatever option you choose doesn’t hurt the skin. You need to hold the cold compress only for a few minutes. Cold compress options within the house are chilled teaspoons, frozen veggies, cool cucumbers.

Reduce salt intake and improve diet

High salt intake, too, can cause sleep bags to form prematurely. Instead of high salt level foods, increase collagen and iron-rich food in your diet. Vitamin C is essential for the skin to stay youthful for longer. Good sources for vitamin C are citrus fruits, kale, red peppers, broccoli, strawberries, and sprouts to name a few. The recommended salt intake by the American Heart Association is 2,300 mg or lesser each day.

Avoid excessive and harmful sun

Harmful UV rays can cause skin sagging which in turn leads to sleep bags. While vitamin D is essential for the body, regulate your exposure to sunlight. If you absolutely have to stay out, protect yourself with a good sunscreen.

Correct sleep position

How you sleep also determines the health of your skin. Spending long hours in bed in the wrong position can cause eye bags or dark circles. To avoid this, try sleeping on your back with your head elevated. This ensures that excess body fluid flows down to the rest of the body and doesn’t form sleep bags.

Adequate sleep

Micro sleeping and oversleeping lead to an array of health ailments including forming sleep bags. It is essential to get adequate hours of undisturbed sleep for a healthier lifestyle. Check out our article on micro-sleeping here.

Comfortable and adequate sleep can ensure a healthy lifestyle for people of all ages. To take a step in that direction, consider upgrading to bamboo sheets – a great eco-friendly alternative to conventional cotton sheets. At Bamboo Sheets Shop, we offer a premium range of bamboo sheets that will ensure you sleep well and stay healthy at the stay time. It’s time to say goodbye to those sleep bags.

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