High class comfort and luxury bamboo sheets with unbelievable properties

High class comfort and luxury bamboo sheets with unbelievable properties

Bamboo sheets, a name that can easily be understood, however, for some reason, still not as famous as its arch rivals cotton and silk. It’s a fantastic bedding option that has been increasing in popularity for years, but still not as well-known as the others. Bamboo sheets are natural and considered extremely durable and sustainable. High quality Bamboo Sheets are exceptionally plush and spongy to the touch. They just make your body feel as if it is on clouds. When you sleep in them, you will never want to sleep in cotton sheets again!

Most Popular Bamboo Sheets

To this point, white bamboo sheets, 320 thread count, are still the most popular because they match any bedroom décor. Bamboo sheets are also offered in 450 and the most luxurious 500 thread counts. They come in several colors; white, taupe, chocolate, ivory to name a few.

Comfort at its Best

These types of bed sheets help to wick away moisture from the body while you sleep. Bamboo sheets provide any user with an extra level of comfort, especially in hot and even cold climates. They’re claim to fame is that they “remain cool in the summer and warm and cozy in the winter”. These sheets permit the body to breathe better than any other sheet and they let air flow naturally. Bamboo fabric gives the human body the ability to absorb its sweat, so that you can comfortably sleep dry at night.

Antimicrobial Property

Bamboo sheets are really useful for people who have problems with dust mites, allergies and night sweats. Bamboo sheets a have built in, natural, antibacterial property and while converting bamboo fibers into bed sheets, all of these qualities remain present. People who have allergies should definitely consider using these sheets because they are hypoallergenic. They are natural! Other sheets in the bedding industry tend to use chemical treatments but bamboo has a natural agent, “Bamboo Kun” which prevents bacteria from growing and does not require such treatments.

Cost Effective Sheets

Depending on who you ask, and how they look at it, some would say these high quality sheets are relatively inexpensive, because you will be required to buy them only once (unless you would like additional colors). The truth is, you will not have to replace these sheets due to their incredible durability. For a long term investment, they are an excellent bedding option. It isn’t even required that you to wash them as often as other sheets because they do not allow bacteria to build, however, it is smart to wash them once or twice per month, for sanitary reasons.

Washing Instructions For High Quality Sheets

When washing high quality bamboo sheets, it is advisable to use cold water. You should also probably only dry them on a delicate cycle and tumble dry with low heat. Anything else might ruin them. Remove them when they are at the end of the cycle and either warm iron them or place them directly on the bed.

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