Characteristics of Luxury Bedding

Characteristics of Luxury Bedding

There is nothing better than sliding into your bed after a hard day, and feeling the soothing and warmth of clean, fresh, luxury bedding. On average, we spend one third of our lives in bed, so having the best luxury sheets is actually more than a luxury, it’s essential

What is high quality luxury bedding?

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Characteristics of Luxury Bedding

Luxury bedding can provide customers a whole new bedroom and sleeping experience. Luxury bed sets appeal to consumers  because they are extremely soft and silky. Bamboo sheet sets are considered one of the top luxury sheet sets on the market and offer everything that a high priced luxury sheet set does (and more) with a lower, more affordable price tag than pure silk or cashmere sheets. Bamboo sheets are extremely durable which means that they rarely tear unless they are misused. They are long-lasting, making them very economical. Many luxury hotels, resorts and cruise ships are switching to bamboo sheets, because of their durability an their ability to get softer with each wash. Furthermore, they don’t stain easily, making them a must for these types of business establishments. They repel bacteria, germs and allergens, which means they are excellent for people who enjoy clean, fresh beds.

What is a Thread Count?

A thread count is the number of vertical and horizontal threads per square inch of the fabric.

The highest thread count that luxury bedding can have is 1500, but don’t let that number get to you too much. It is nearly impossible for 750 vertical threads and 750 horizontal threads to be on a loom for one square inch. Furthermore, luxury bedding doesn’t even require the highest thread count to be considered luxurious. Some of the best bedding on the market today, comes with a 320 or 500 thread count and is extremely soft too. There have been extensive studies on thread count and bamboo sheets with a thread count of 320 was considered softer, silkier and provided a better sleep for users, compare to a cotton sheet that had 1000 thread count.

Ideal Thread Counts

Bamboo bedding comes in several thread counts but is generally sold with 320, 450 or 500 thread count. This thread count is perfect because it creates the luxurious benefits of high quality sheets that are affordable as well.

Where To Buy Luxury Bedding

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