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    What Does Thread Count Mean and Should It Be The Only Thing To Consider



    What Is Thread Count

    Thread count is simply the number of threads that run vertical and how many threads run horizontal in a square inch. A 300-thread count sheet would have 300 threads across and 300 threads down per square inch of the fabric.

    What To Look for in Sheets

    Thread count should not be the only thing to look for in sheets, and just because it has 1,000 thread count does not mean it is the best quality. When purchasing any sheets it is important to look for what type of fabric or cotton is in the sheet. Not all cotton is equal.

    The highest quality cotton sheets are made of Egyptian cotton. Iit is more durable than a regular cotton since it has longer threads and is less likely to pill, break, and even wear out as fast as regular cotton. The texture of Egyptian cotton is softer and becomes more so as it is washed. Please note that Egyptian cotton refers to the type of cotton rather than where it is grown.

    Sheets in different materials can also serve different needs. It is best to assess the use for the sheet. Flannel is warmer for cold winter months. Even luxury sheets can be made up of many types of materials such as silk, Egyptian cotton, flannel, and even bamboo.

    What Tone or Mood Are The Sheets Being Used For?

    Silk is really soft and creates the mood of luxury and even a bit of decadence, but if it is real silk it usually requires dry cleaning. 100% Egyptian cotton with a higher thread count is soft and supple on the skin, washes easily, wears longer, and breathes better than silk. Flannel is warmer and works well in the winter in cold climates with a comforting but more practical appeal.

    Bamboo Sheets

    Perhaps one of the most exciting new products for sheets is in bamboo. Bamboo breathes better than cotton and is a sustainable product that is easier to grow than cotton. The wonderful feature that bamboo sheets offers is they are so soft and do not need to have as high of thread count as cotton for maximum impact. Most bamboo sheets range from 250 to 500 thread count. Wash the bamboo sheets and they only get softer, and they last longer than other sheets. Since they breathe they work well to cool you in warm months and warm you in cold months.

    The cost for quality bamboo sheets runs in the same neighbourhood as the cost of quality high thread count cotton sheets and varies depending on the size of sheet needed for your bed. Bamboo sheet sets can range from $100 to $300. They last longer than silk, cotton, and high-end flannel. Bamboo sheets are the ultimate in high-end sheets and are well worth the price.

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