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Myth Busters About Coronavirus

Myth Busters About Coronavirus

The COVID-19 global pandemic has currently affected over 150 nations and cases continue to grow at a rampant rate. Governments, World Organizations, doctors, scientists, and health experts are scrambling to deal with the threat of the Coronavirus in an attempt to dampen the spread. While the many measures taken have shown significant progress, the outbreak has also made way for a great share of misinformation and myths. Spreading misinformation over social media negates the severity of the infection and could lead to errors in judgment affecting people’s lives.

Therefore, through this myth busters article, we aim to break some myths about Coronavirus, with an intention to equip you with the right information.

Here Are a Few Myths That Have Been Making the Rounds and Shouldn’t be Encouraged

MYTH – Coronavirus cannot be transmitted in hot and humid areas.

TRUTH: From the patterns observed world over, the Coronavirus can be transmitted in all areas and under all weather conditions. Practice preventive measures regardless of where you live or the place you’re traveling to. Recent studies also suggest that the virus merely suppresses during hot weather and will make a comeback during colder seasons.

MYTH – Coronavirus vaccine is available.

TRUTH: While scientists and experts have begun work on developing a safe vaccine to fight the virus, there is currently no vaccine against Coronavirus. Human Trials in the US are underway to test a vaccine but that reality is far from near.

MYTH – Holding your breath successfully for 10 seconds without any discomfort indicates no Coronavirus.

TRUTH: This ‘self-test’ is making the rounds online and isn’t recommended. Older people regardless of being infected or not could struggle to hold their breath and similarly, younger people can hold their breath for longer. If someone holds their breath for longer than 10 seconds, it does not mean they don’t have coronavirus. If you have the symptoms, please contact your local health authorities.

MYTH – A face mask will protect from infection.

TRUTH: Masks such as the N95 are recommended for the protection of health care workers who are at the risk of exposure. These tight-fitting respirators can help doctors and medical staff at work. People with respiratory illnesses are advised to wear masks to reduce the chances of transmitting infections. Surgical masks cannot prevent viral infections. The healthy general public is currently advised to not wear masks so as to ensure enough supply for those in need.

MYTH – Mosquitoes spread Coronavirus.

TRUTH: Currently, there is no scientific evidence to support this theory. The novel Coronavirus is a respiratory disease that spreads through droplets generated when an infected person sneezes or coughs, or from saliva and nasal discharge.

MYTH – UV disinfection lamps kills the Coronavirus.

TRUTH: It is highly recommended to not sterilize hands or any other part of the body with an ultraviolet disinfection lamp. UV radiation can cause skin irritation or ailments.

MYTH – Garlic consumption can prevent infection.

TRUTH: While garlic is definitely recommended for a healthy diet, given its antimicrobial properties there is currently no evidence that suggests eating garlic prevents any Coronavirus infection. If anything,

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