Switching to Bamboo Sheets as a Sustainable Eco-friendly Option

Switching to Bamboo Sheets as a Sustainable Eco-friendly Option

Switching to Bamboo Sheets as a Sustainable Eco-friendly Option

Up until a few years ago, vision 2020 meant that humans were set to accomplish milestones in terms of technology, growth and development. However, the reality we live in is much to the contrary. With rampant forest fires across the Amazon, California and Australia, earthquakes in Puerto Rice, Indonesia, and other volcanic risk zones, now followed by the coronavirus pandemic has put the world in a frenzy. In light of this, we draw focus on how climate change is shifting consumer preference to seek more sustainable and eco-friendly products, that are less harmful to our mother Earth.

Why Bamboo is the Answer to Climate Change?

With every natural disaster, we not only lose human life but also the ecosystem we thrive on. Animals and plants that live and grow with us face the brunt of human actions far more than we acknowledge. To mitigate the ill effects of human actions, bamboo finds its way into the market as part of our food, bed sheets, clothes, construction, biofuel, furniture, etc. Here are the top reasons why bamboo can help slow down the effects of climate change:

Bamboo Can Replace Fuel

Bamboo provides biomass energy that can provide electricity or heat. Moreover, bamboo is a renewable source of energy, making it a healthier option than fossil fuels. Overconsumption of fossil fuels directly increases global warming therefore, switching to bamboo will ensure lesser reliance on fossils and can reduce deforestation altogether.

Bamboo is Biodegradable

Much unlike most other fuels, bamboo does not increase landfill fodder. Rather, bamboo can be composted, making it 100% biodegradable.

Bamboo Improves Soil and Air Quality

Deforestation and other modes of destruction affect the soil quality resulting in its degradation and erosion. However, studies have shown that bamboo roots can negate this process by improving soil quality and it does not require fertilizers or pesticides to grow. To reach full length, Bamboo take 2 to 3 years to grow, compared to other plants, making it ideal to avoid soil erosion and regular deforestation. Furthermore, bamboo plants are known to make the air around them 30% more cleaner compared to other plants.

Bamboo Industry Can Improve Employment Conditions

The global pandemic, Coronavirus, has taught us that jobs and employment are highly unsafe. At the wake of any disaster, it is very easy for thousands to lose jobs and livelihood. On the other hand, the bamboo industry is thriving, creating more sustainable livelihood. This has helped many people out of poverty by creating a stable social and economic dependency.

Bamboo Sheets Shop Recommends

Now that you have learnt about the benefits of bamboo on climate change, we recommend our premium line of bamboo sheets and bedding options. Why bamboo sheets?

  • It is softer than cotton and smooth as silk, offering a luxurious feel every time you touch it;
  • Its three times more breathable than cotton;
  • The bamboo fibers have hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antimicrobial components that keep allergies and morning sniffles at bay;
  • Most importantly, bamboo uses 200 times lesser amount of water than cotton to produce one pound of fabric, making it highly eco-friendly and sustainable for the longer run.

Need we say more? If you are interested, check out our bamboo sheets, duvets, pillow covers and bedding range. We also offer a superior range of bamboo crib sheets so your little ones enjoy uninterrupted sleep.

At Bamboo Sheets Shop, we value our commitment to the plant and to our customers, so you can enjoy the best sleep of your life without sacrificing the planet.

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