Tips to Overcome Anxiety Before Bedtime

Tips to Overcome Anxiety Before Bedtime

Tips to Overcome Anxiety Before Bedtime

Anxiety and stress are considered the leading cause of sleep disorders amongst most adults. It is not uncommon to lay in bed with a racing mind, unable to fall asleep, while at the same time, being flushed with anxiety. While it is important to understand that beating anxiety before bedtime can be achieved but it cannot be done overnight. Therefore, to help you sleep a little better every night, here are some tips you can adopt as part of your sleep routine.


At first, the idea of meditation can sound overwhelming if you are struggling to calm your mind. Luckily for the modern era, various mobile applications are available that offer short videos and audios to calm the mind. Sleep experts also believe that mindfulness meditation, especially, can be more helpful in addressing anxiety and sleep-related problems. Mindfulness meditation teaches you to be in the present. However, this can be achieved only in regular practice. Take out ten minutes either before going to bed or right after waking up to practice every day. Over time, you will start to notice an improvement in sleep quality and satisfaction.

Avoid Stress Inducing Activities Before Bedtime

If you are one to scroll your way into falling asleep, or binge-watch multiple episodes of your favorite show, you are probably not alone. Smartphones and the internet have given us the power to take in information in all forms, at all times. This most often poses a threat to the mental health of the consumer. As we lay in bed consuming content and staring at the screen, the mind gets fired up about everything that causes anxiety. Therefore, keeping electronics away for at least an hour before bedtime can considerably reduce the struggle you may face in falling asleep.

Do Up Your Sleep Environment

When overcome with anxiety, being in a happy and healthy environment can have positive effects to overcome that feeling of panic. Tailoring your sleeping environment with as per your preference can help create the sense of a safe space required to calm the racing mind. Adding a few plants to the corners can also add aesthetic value and is considered to relieve stress. Get comfortable bedding that invites you to fall asleep. Most importantly, try to cut out all external stimuli that cause disturbance to your sleep.

Try and Take Control of the Situation

Every time you feel the panic set in, think-aloud where you are and what you are doing at the moment. Try to take control of the situation by relaxing your body and thinking positive thoughts instead. Think of that happy picture or happy place while concentrating on your body and breathing. Hold your whole-body muscle tightly for a few seconds and release them, continue this process till you feel the nerves relax. You can also listen to calming music, for music is known to be the best drug for mankind without any side effects.

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