5 Tips To Stop Snoring

5 Tips To Stop Snoring

According to a recent study by the Vancouver Sleep and Breathing Center, Pediatrics, BBC News, a staggering 59% of people say their partner snores. It’s quite possible that your partner doesn’t even know he/she snores until you tell them and sometimes, even when you tell them, they may be in denial.

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Snoring IssueSnoring can be a very sensitive subject.  It might seem funny at first but snoring can cause turmoil in a relationship. As the person who is constantly waking up to it, it is important to try to help, to show that you care. The truth is, all you want to do is sleep through the night without the sound of a freight train next to you. Right?


Here are a few tips to help you or your partner stop snoring:

5 Tips To Stop Snoring

1. Keep a Healthy Diet

Exercise, eat well, and keep your weight at a decent level. Being heavier than you should be, can lead to snoring. According to research by several Doctors, fatty tissue around a person’s neck will squeeze the airway and prevent air from flowing in and out freely.

2. Sleep On Your Side – Instead of Your Back

If you sleep on your back, your tongue, chin will probably relax and close your airway. Sleeping on your side can prevent this.

3. No Alcohol Before Bed

Alcohol can cause muscles in your throat to relax more than usual while sleeping, and this added relaxation makes the back of the throat collapse more readily.

4. Quit or Cut Down On Smoking

Smoking cigarettes certainly irritates the lining of a person’s nasal cavity and throat, which can cause  swelling. If the nasal passages becomes swollen, it might become difficult to breath through your nose because the airflow has been reduced, thus causing a person to snore.

5. Clear Your Nasal Passages

It is important to keep you nose clear so that when you breathe in, you do it through your nose rather than your mouth. It is possible that by rubbing a few drops of eucalyptus or olbas oil onto your pillowcase, snoring may come to a halt or be reduced. If you have allergies, and your nose is blocked, try an antihistamine tablet or a nasal spray.

The bottom line is, stay as healthy as possible, sleep on your side, avoid alcohol before bed and clear your nasal passages. Hopefully these 5 tips help you or your partner stop snoring and ultimately get better sleeps!

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