Improve Bedroom Mood With Colored Bamboo Sheets


Improve Bedroom Mood With Colored Bamboo Sheets

Improve Bedroom Mood With Colored Bamboo Sheets

Whether directly or subtly, the colors that people come across on a regular basis may play a huge role not just on how they think, but also on how they feel. The psychology of color is a vast field with varying interpretations offered by different experts. How one person perceives a particular color depends on that person’s personality, culture, upbringing, and overall state of being.

There are natural reactions to color when combined with daily associations, and there are personalized reactions that are unique to each individual. For example, one person looking at a solid blue sea might feel peaceful, while another person looking at the very same body of water might feel lonely and sad. Practically speaking, the color that someone chooses for their surroundings can reinforce feelings and alter mood in positive or negative ways.

Although there are deviations in color responses, certain colors tend to trigger similar reactions. That being said, the weight of choosing the most appropriate color when designing the interior of homes becomes all the heavier. Deciding on the best color for the walls of a bedroom or, to be specific, the most apt color for the desirable bamboo sheet set one has their eyes on as a choice Christmas gift, can affect the quality of everyday life.

General Color Overtones

The color red is often used, due to its intensity, to raise the energy level of a room. One British study discovered that Olympians who wore red won significantly more than their opponents who wore blue. In contrast, a different study by Dr. Michael Robinson at North Dakota State University found that red was linked to hostility in certain scenarios. Research points to red pumping adrenaline and possibly stirring up excitement.

Blue and green are brought together because blue supposedly lowers blood pressure and heart rate to generate a calming effect, while green is considered to be the most restful color to the eye. Combining both colors may be a way to establish a serene environment in the bedroom. In addition, one can consider adding in neutral colors, like off-white and beige, for the bed linen to complement the relaxing nature of an already blue and green bedroom.

Colored Bamboo Bedding May Boost Mood

Continuing along those lines, there are numerous options available to those hoping to enhance their bedrooms through color. The benefit of using bamboo bedding is that bamboo-based materials are made out of a durable fiber that retains the vibrancy of its coloring. Such color-retaining sheets would be a great way to promote mood enrichment.

Mixing the energizing hues — red and violet — for sheets could be prime for boosting the exhilaration of bedroom activities. A more light-hearted duo could be green and yellow sheets, especially ideal for brightening a darker room, perhaps one with little access to lighting. As previously mentioned, the soothing effect of blue could be optimal for making the bedroom a place that reduces the stress and anxiety that loves to hound us throughout the day.

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