Tips: Benefits of Sleeping on Your Left

Benefits of Sleeping on Your Left

Tips: Benefits of Sleeping on Your Left

We all have our preferred sleep positions in bed. This is our go-to position to induce and fall asleep faster. While doctors and medical experts believe sleeping on your back is the ideal position, not many prefer or practice this. Most people prefer to sleep on their sides or in the fetal position. Sleeping on your side ensures a host of positives, especially on your left.

Sleeping on your left reduces heartburn, alleviates acid refluxes, improves circulation, betters digestion. This is due to the positioning of the internal organs and gravity. Gravity ensures toxins and food travel easier through the organs when you sleep on your left given the anatomy of our internal organs. In addition, sleeping on your left can help with back pains, bolsters the lymphatic system, and is ideal for pregnant women.

However, sleeping for long hours on one side comes with a few problems as well. Constant weight on one side can cause shoulder pain, pressure on lungs and stomach, and jaw discomfort. Furthermore, it can also have cosmetic effects like wrinkles. With one side of the face pushing against the pillow for long hours, wrinkles are formed. So, start off on your left when you hit the bed and change your position if you experience any pain or discomfort. The intent is to spread out the pressure.

Useful Tips for Sleeping on the Left

  • Place a pillow between your knees to avoid soreness.
  • Pick out a pillow that supports your collarbone structure.
  • The pillow needs to be firm and supportive. Avoid pillows that sink or collapse easily / too much.
  • Hug a pillow to support your spine. It also ensures a place to rest your arm.

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Try out different sleep positions and understand what your body needs/prefer for wholesome rest and recovery. We are always on the side of the experts and recommend you switch between sleeping on your left and on the back. Since we spend a third of our lives asleep, it is critical to sleep in the ideal position and posture.

While we discussed the benefits of sleeping on the left; lying down on your back ensures that the neck and the spine are in a neutral position. In fact, this is highly recommended for infants and babies for safety measures. Apart from exceptions like cases of pregnancy or respiratory infections or sleep apnea, lying down on your back is recommended as well. On the contrary, sleeping on the stomach is highly discouraged, for its impact on the back and the joints. Sleep position and posture are good measures for a healthy lifestyle. However, you need a suitable mattress and comfortable sheets for starters. Consider upgrading to bamboo sheets to ensure a more elevated and luxurious sleep environment. Bamboo sheets are more comfortable, breathable, and eco-friendly compared to traditional cotton sheets. You can start by checking out our extensive collection here.

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