Feng Shui in the Bedroom


Feng Shui in the Bedroom

You can use feng shui to promote the flow of good energy in your bedroom to attract good health, financial growth, spiritual serenity, better sex, and many other blessings. You can expel bad luck, and welcome good luck as well. When we take steps to balance ourselves, to reconnect with our environments, we benefit immeasurably.

Architectural Elements

When you buy a house, you may be used to paying attention to the size of bedrooms rather than their placement. Instead, take a look at what’s around the bedroom and how different spaces will be used. The best location for the bedroom is above a reading nook or dining space, places where shared energy is happy if not calm.

Your bedroom should be in the back of the house away from main traffic. That creates a cocoon where you can transform into your best, happiest, least stressed, self. A large window shouldn’t be aligned with a door because beneficial energy will come in only to go right back out. The bed shouldn’t be placed under the window or too close to the window.

You don’t want closets, or bathrooms, too close to the bed either. If there is another floor above you, avoid sleeping below a bathroom or home office to keep polluted and or stressful energy out of your bedroom.

Design Elements

First, move televisions, computers, and exercise equipment out of the bedroom. They’re distractions from sleeping, being present for your significant other, and relaxing. Next, open the windows as much as possible and keep a quality air purifier.

Beneficial energy flows better when the air is not full of pollutants. Also, it’s good to keep air moving. Your bed should be approachable from both sides, have two bedside tables, and not be in line with the door. The bed should look nice as well.

Your bed needs to be more than aesthetically pleasing though. It has to have a quality mattress, headboard, and high quality bedding made of natural fibers. Bamboo, cotton, and silk are all good choices. Of them all, bamboo has the most breathability.

When you think about decorating your bedroom, choose soothing, natural colors. The best ones match human skin which varies from pale pink or tan to very dark brown. Art should be full of happy energy, the kind you are trying to attract and keep moving throughout your space.

Make sure you maintain good light. We need it more than most of us realize. Candles are best for a bedroom because they provide warmth, clear unwanted energies, and invite healing. If candles aren’t your thing, or they aren’t practical all the time, use a dimmer to adjust the lighting for various needs.

Keep everything organized and clean to create peace and calm in the space. Your mind will follow. Last, keep all the doors in the bedroom closed at night. It allows the best energy you built to nourish you while you sleep.

Don’t worry if your bedroom isn’t the perfect receptacle for the energy you need in your life. Start small with your changes and do the best you can. It doesn’t take much to start reaping the inner benefits of a nicely flowing space. Also, remember to have fun and be happy.

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